Mathematics and Chemistry Assessment

The MHC Mathematics Assessment for students planning to begin the study of calculus is available online:

Note: You will need to login to this system with your new Mount Holyoke email user name and password. This information was mailed to you in the May Admissions packet.

The math assessment and chemistry placement exam is for students who are interested in enrolling in any introductory chemistry course (101, 160, 201) at Mount Holyoke College.  Please take the placement test before your reistration time.  After you have taken it, allow a week to be cleared for registration in the appropriate chemistry course for you.  When you go to the math assessment site, you should make yourself an account using your Mount Holyoke email.  Once you have an account, log in and look for Mount Holyoke College Courses.  Under general chemistry, you will see a link called first semester of full year and under than you will find the chemistry placement exam.  You will need the code 2013-2014 to enter it.  See Chemistry for further information.