Dear New Student,

Please consult with Carolyn Dietel, Director of The Frances Perkins Program and Coordinator of Transfer Affairs about fall registration.  She will provide an estimate of the credits that will be accepted towards your Mount Holyoke degree.  After searching for classes through MyMountHolyoke, you may register on online beginning June 12.

In order to search for classes and register, you must log on to MyMountHolyoke by using your 'MHC user name/email ID' and 'password'. If you are in need of assistance regarding your user name/email ID before you arrive on campus, please contact the Admissions Office. It is highly recommended that you visit the appropriate Course Selection/Curriculum Course Guide(s) prior to beginning the registration process.

Curriculum Course Guides

Detailed Registration Instructions are available. I recommend that you read them in the following order:

  1. Search for Classes
  2. Worksheet - Grid to help plan your schedule
  3. Preparing for Registration
  4. Register or Add/Drop

Congratulations on your admission to Mount Holyoke, and welcome!
Elizabeth Pyle, Registrar