Tarana Bhatia ’15: Recruiting future leaders

Shaped by her experience at Mount Holyoke, Tarana Bhatia ’15 uses her varied volunteer roles to represent, recruit and inspire others.

Tarana Bhatia ’15 can’t stop thinking about Mount Holyoke College But she doesn’t mind having what some friends say is an obsession.

“Mount Holyoke changed my life, which is why I am involved today,” she says. “I entered college very shy but was taught to think critically and gained confidence. Every action I take is because the College shaped me.”

Today, Tarana is senior analyst for corporate sustainability at the global consulting firm Resonance. She supports Mount Holyoke in many capacities, including volunteering for the Office of Admission, The Mount Holyoke Fund and the Alumnae Association. 

Currently, she serves as vice president of the class of 2015 and a class agent through The Mount Holyoke Fund, as well as a member of The Mount Holyoke Fund Committee. She serves on the Alumnae Association’s Classes and Reunion Committee and has lent her perspective as the recent alumnae representative on the Alumnae Association Board of Directors, and a member of the Washington, D.C., regional club.

“As an admissions volunteer, I’m opening up doors,” Tarana says. She knows that when someone enrolls at Mount Holyoke, they are in for the rare experience of a small liberal arts college. Impressionable first-year students learn on day one they will become leaders. They also will become mentors.

“I have close friends who went to big institutions who don’t have the bonds found at places like MHC. The connections are unparalleled,” Tarana says, noting that her volunteering has helped her make connections across generations of alums. “You can keep talking about it because of your experiences. My closest friend from the College could be a grandmother. We could even bond about caretaking.”

“Alum involvement is not just about fundraising after college or serving a three-year board term, but through volunteer opportunities too,” she says. “We’re also the bridge to recruiting and engaging future volunteers. We’re working with engaging young people too. They want to be involved.” 

Mount Holyoke’s focus centers around empowerment and thoughtful engagement.

Tarana does both.

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