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Albanese, Jacqueleen Avian Influenza: Power Struggles in Thailand
Fabian, Rebecca Teaching Others, Learning Ourselves: Native American Education and the Formation of Identity
Eisenzopf, Kira What is Happening to Affordability?
Long, Courtney Mariology and Monumental Sculpture on the West Façade of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris
Groth, Emily Fears of Immobility
Merrill, Cecily Logical Necessity
Choudhury, Ramona Kingship and the Forest in the Epics of Ancient India
Walker, Catherine Variations of Solar Wind Parameters Over a Solar Cycle: Expectations for NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) Mission
Aye-Han, Nwe-Nwe Probing the Structure of the Dynamic Initial Transcribing Complexes
on Escherichia coli Promoters
Gragnolati, Ariel FTIR Characterization of Aß(16-22) Dynamic Equilibrium
Neveling, Lauren Probing the Kinetics of Unfolding and Aggregation of Human Gamma-D
Crystallin at Low pH Using Infrared Spectroscopy
Olayinka, Oluwatomisin Study of the Structure of N-Terminal and C-Terminal Domains of Human #-D Crystallin Using FTIR and CD Spectroscopies
Rumora, Amy Exploring DNA Destabilization Induced by the Thymine Dimer Lesion
Using Small Molecular Probes and Thermodynamic Techniques
Smith, Kathryn Blakey Analysis of the Structural Asymmetry of Alanine-Rich Peptides of Varying Lengths Using Fourier-Transform Infrared and Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
Vrabel, Anna Human Gut Microbes Associated with Obesity
Bonvini, Lauren Jumping Behavior and the Effects of Caudal Autotomy on Jumping
Performance in A. carolinensis
Dettinger, Julia Development of a Sensitive Force Transducer for Use with Larval Dipteran Muscle
Flenniken, Megan The Paleoecology and Construction of Miocene Tubes Made of Foraminifera: Are They Comparable to the Tubes of Living Pectinaria (Polychaeta)?
Giles, Josephine The Role of Lymphangiogenesis and Dendritic Cell Migration in
Murine AIDS`
Goldstein, Emily Does Size Matter? Examining Hindlimb Muscle Strain and Activation Patterns during Level and Incline Locomotion of Sheep Through Ontogeny
Hare, Julie Mutational Analysis of Trypanosoma brucei Components of Motile
Flagella (TbCMF) Genes in the African Trypanosome
Jasienowski, Sondra Measurement of Dyspnea in Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart
Failure Presenting to Baystate Medical Center Emergency Department
Kruppa, Antonina Identifying Binding Sites for the ßFTZ-F1 Protein within the E93 Gene
of Drosophila melanogaster
Lama, Tsering Pema Differential Apoptosis Responses in a Murine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (MAIDS) Model
McKeag, Erin Addressing Aquatic Invasive Species and Climate Change
Miller, Dery Knee Flexor Muscle Actions During Swimming in the Toad, Bufo marinus
Nardiello, Tricia Comparison of Protease Activity in the Lymph Node and Spleen of BALB/c
and C57BL/6 Mice Infected with Murine Leukemia Virus
Power, Erika Multi sex combs and Polycomb Group Genes in Drosophila melanogaster: Genetic Interactions and Subsequent Abnormal Development
Rosenthal, Noel Selective Knockdown of the Trypanosoma brucei FLA Genes and
Development of a Chemotaxis Assay
Yang, Maureen The Role of Retinoic Acid in Zebrafish Notochord Formation
Cagulada, Amy Carbonyl Condensation Chemistry for Rotaxane Formation
Gondo,Chenaimwoyo Approaches to the Preparation of Co-facial Arrays of Electroactive or Photoactive Organic Compounds
Ho, Karmen The Synthesis of Functional Hyperbranched Polymer Surfaces
via Radical Polymerization
Johnson, Emily Analysis of Paintings with the Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Korolev, Maria IGF-1 and Seladin-1 Regulation of the MDM2-p53 Interaction
Magala, Pearl Self-Healing Using Nanorods
Mihailovic, Aleksandra Exploring the Interaction of Ruthenium (II) Polypyridyl Complexes
with DNA Using Single-Molecule Techniques
Pothier, Laura The Effects of Amino Acid Substitutions on Aß16-22 Aggregation Stability as Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Infrared Spectroscopy
Scott, Caitlin Modeling Hydrophobic and Ionic Interactions in Aqueous Solutions Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Tester, Chantel Dynamic Light Scattering Study of the Interaction Between Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Gold Nanoparticles
Ward, Caroline Chemiluminescence and the Synthesis of 9-(Phenylethynyl)anthracene
Hafernik, Carolyn Automatic Methods to Disambiguate Geospatial Queries
Caden, Mara Re-Imagining Labor and Freedom: Indentured Servitude, the 'Freeborn Englishman,' and the Racialization of Unfree Labor in
Seventeenth-Century Virginia
Freeman, Emily Political Picture Books: How Babar and the Lorax Reflect Political Ideologies
Herzog, Megan Great Conversations: Dialogues on the Western Canon
Thorne, Michelle Copywritings: A Eulogy for Authorship
Bai, Xue The Entry of Commercial Banks into Investment Banking Industry:
How Tying Has Reshaped the Industry
Espinoza, Corinne Capital Gains Tax Cuts and Growth
Kodi, Phyllis The Role of Decentralization and Integrated Rural Development in
Ghana's Development
Surdulescu, Diana Deregulation and Competition in the Romanian Telecommunications Industry
Tithi, Bidita Jawher The Alternative Approaches to Development: The Case of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Bangladesh
Franklin-Hudson, Ariel Two Wits One Soul: The Erotic Politics of Beaumont and Fletcher
Gracey, Amy The Hidden Journey of Margery Kempe
Johnson, Kara Interpreting Henry James's The Bostonians: Women, Theatricality,
and Public Performance
Kharpertian, Kiara Slothrop and the Rocket
Pho, Diana Presenting The Strays of Moscow: And Other Stories
Pylvainen, Hanna Revealing and Retaining the Tensions of Fundamentalist Religion
through Creative Nonfiction
Waddell, Heather To Create New Worlds: Philip Pullman's Reinterpretation of
Blake and Milton's Works
Whitmore, Lindsey Writing Down the Wall: Creativity, Incarceration, and Women
Writing in Community
Motai, Jessica Commodifying Looks: Multiracial Women as "Exotic"
Barkley, Madison F-OH# Substitution and Thermal Effects on the Crystal Structure of
Pegmatitic Topaz
Graham, Shannon
GPS Geodetic Constraints on the November 21, 2004 Mw 6.3 Earthquake
off the Northwest Coast of Dominica: Implications for in situ Volatile Solubilities and Eruption Dynamics
Owocki, Sarah Integrating the "Guest," Constructing the Self: Challenges of Second Language Acquisition in Secondary Study Abroad
Franklin, Laura A Message Hidden but Always Seen: The Spiritual Franciscans and
their Influence on the Works of Dante
Greene, Heather Revolutionary Violence: A Comparative Study of the Weather Underground Organization and Red Army Faction 1967-1973
Konstantopoulos, Gina The Kamikaze Pilots of World War II and Their Image in American Media
Martenyi, Megan Exploiting Conventions at Inanda: How Uncommon Women Created “South Africa's Mount Holyoke” in 1869
Satter, Lori Susan B. Anthony: A Visionary of the Nineteenth-Century United States Suffrage Movement
Scannell, Lindsey The Façade of Neutrality: French Far Eastern Policy 1926-1927
Vennell, Sheila From Margins to Mainstream: The Democratic Unionist Party in
Northern Irish Politics
Boatwright, Anna An Introduction to the Affine Weil Zeta Function for Simple Polynomials
You, Shuting Primality Testing and Proving Methods
Guruli, Nino Preventive War and Self-Defense: A Consequentialist Argument
O'Donnell, Carolynn Feminist Solidarity
Wilson, Alison Hannibal Lecter v. Immanuel Kant
Merritt, Elizabeth The Effects of Extremely-Short External-Cavity Optical Feedback into
a Modulated Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
Kim, Grace June The Pursuit of Career Possible Selves by Adolescents: The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Occupational Procedural Knowledge
Kurahara, Lindsay Exploration of the Relationship Between Racial Salience, Self-Esteem,
and Coping Strategies Among Multiracial College Students
Markarian, Audrey The Effects of Associative Learning on Antlion Feeding Behavior
and Fitness
Sarma, Arti Cross-Class Study of the Division of Domestic Labor in Madurai, India
Spasojevic, Jelena Teacher-Child Interactions in a Preschool in Serbia
Tong, Taryn Directors as Mentors: The Role of Early Childhood Center Directors
in Encouraging Preschool Teachers to Return to School
Neher, Allison Environmental Change and Acute Conflict in the Republic of Georgia
Becque, Simone Big Damn Fans: Fan Campaigns of Firefly and Veronica Mars
Leinberger, Amanda Changing Representations of Women's Higher Education in the 1940's
Wallace, Adrienne The Marvelous Real: The Construction of Cultural Memory in Colombian Literary Works
Berry, Katharine Fischer The Effect of Missing Data in the Analysis of a Bariatric Surgery Program
Kanyangarara, Mufaro Hierarchical Modeling of HIV/AIDS Data from Zimbabwe
Pu, Ning The Critical Role of Volatility in Option Pricing