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Mount Holyoke College
Weissman Center for Leadership

The OpEd Project

Changing the World's Conversation

Luncheon Keynote and Workshop
Friday, February 15, 12-5 PM
Willits-Hallowell Conference Center
Online application for students required by 2/6.

This highly interactive keynote and workshop presented by the Op-Ed Project will challenge you to think more carefully and more expansively about your knowledge and experience, and why it matters. We will explore the source of credibility; the patterns and elements of powerful evidence-based argument; the difference between being ''right'' and being effective; how to preach beyond the choir; and how to think bigger- so that we can have greater influence and value in the world. Co-sponsored by The Center for Work and Life, Smith College and the 175th Anniversary.

The OpEd Project increases the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world, especially those of woman who make up less than 15% of opinion makers in the media, government, and business. The OpEd Project envisions a world in which the best ideas- regardless of where or whom they come from- will have a chance to be heard and shape society and the world.