At the Weissman Center for Leadership, we believe in the development of leadership, and the power of taking a step forward from wherever you begin.

This year, we focus on Imagination, as a compelling and complex strength, as a muscle to exercise. We invite you to join us in the practice of imagination, as we move into the future, create change, and envision our interactions with one another.

Imagination enables new connections, and catalyzes movement and energy into new directions. But imagination is not without complexity. Our collective imagination, at times, demonstrates constraints, limits, and fears. Innovative leadership can propel new ways to deepen gendered, racial, cultural, and religious understandings. We hope you will be intrigued by the exploration of imagination, inspired by our speakers, and moved into practice.

The Weissman Center kicks off with soccer Olympian and LGBTQ activist Abby Wambach, whose imagination within athletics launched her team and women’s sports into new realms.

Natalia Duong reaches beyond dialogue to spark empathy and healing through innovative movement.    

Noor Tagouri will prompt us to use imagination to overcome bias through journalism and in her work with Muslim-Americans.

Acclaimed author Roxane Gay will address the challenges to imagination, when grappling with issues on campuses, our identities, and the world at large. How do we compel others to take action through our words and writing?

This will be an exciting year at the Weissman Center when we envision and share our imaginative visions and practices with one another.