Limits of the Law

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This Spring, the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts explores the limits of legal authority. We face a number of deep and important questions about what the law can do, and what it should do. What is “racial profiling” and could it ever be appropriate? How can the law take account of race? How should we address the cases in which our legal system punishes the wrong people? What can we do to redress wrongdoings done in the name of the law, and to prevent future legal wrongdoing? What is the scope of Presidential authority? How can civil rights be “balanced” against national self-defense? This semester, we turn our attention to the idea of the law and its limits: what can and cannot be done in the name of the law. We are delighted to bring to our campus experts and advocates on a range of issues including racial profiling, wrongful conviction, and the Presidential use of torture and indefinite detention.