OpEd Project "Changing the World's Conversation" Student Application

The Weissman Center is currently accepting applications from students to attend the interactive keynote address and seminar “Changing the World’s Conversation” facilitated by the OpEd Project, scheduled for Friday, February 15, from 12 to 4:30 pm. This event is co-sponsored with Smith College’s Center for Work and Life.

Space is limited, and selection for students to participate may be competitive. All students interested in attending the event must submit an application. All applications must be received no later than Wednesday, February 6.  Early submission is highly encouraged.

For example, being involved with a student organization (SGA, MHNews, etc.) or an activity (Passport to Leadership, attending public events, etc.), or engaging in certain courses.

The OpEd Project is renowned for its seminars and trainings that increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world, especially those of women who make up less 15% of opinion makers in the media, government, and business. The OpEd Project envisions a world in which the best ideas – regardless of where or whom they come from – will have a chance to be heard and shape society and the world.

Thank you!