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Graphic for Advocacy in the Public Domain series

Advocacy in the Public Domain

This series focused on shaping public discourse on compelling issues whether within science policy, environmental justice, race and power, or the arts.


This series focused on Imagination as a compelling and complex strength, and the power that comes from taking action.
Silhouette of woman at sunset.

Courage Through Reflection and Story Creation

A series focusing on the construct of courage, and importantly, why our stories matter.
Image of speaker at podium.

Building Bridges in Complex Times

This series focused on the idea of building bridges across race, gender, age, and class to develop trust, respect, and strength through leadership.
Photo of smiling students with laptops

The Power of Resilience

This series explored change and transformation from the perspective of courage, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams in spite of overwhelming odds.
Photo of a group of students dressed for success

Women at the Helm: What is Our Obligation?

This year-long series looked at the roles of women in leadership and power, and our responsibilities to speak out, push back, or forge ahead.
Photo of speakers in the Religion series

Religion and the Public Square

This year long series looked at the complex connections between religion and society, and the proper role of religion in the public arena.