WCL Student Leadership Grant Application

Before completing this application, please advise your recommenders to submit a reference form.

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Please upload an updated resume that includes your major/minor course of study, GPA, volunteer positions, and work experience.


Please upload your most recent transcript.

Reference Letters

Please list the names of two references who can discuss your academic goals and leadership qualities, and/or who are familiar with the project for which you are requesting funds. At least one letter of reference should be from a professor. 

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Please indicate the amount of funds - no matter how small – that you could contribute

Please indicate other potential sources of funds to whom you plan to apply for financial support and commitments received.

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Please indicate the total amount of funds you are requesting from the Weissman Center


Please upload a 2-3 page proposal addressing the areas below.

  • A detailed description of the activity/event/conference for which support is requested.
  • A reflection on what motivated you to pursue this leadership experience, and what hopes you have for advancing your own leadership knowledge or skills.
  • A discussion of the ways in which your project relates to your academic, advocacy, or professional interests. If the project relates to a Weissman Center public program theme, please describe the intersections and connections.
  • Note the ways in which the project may benefit the Mount Holyoke College community. Please describe in detail your plans for a public forum that can be held on campus including projected dates(s), sponsoring and co-sponsoring organizations, faculty mentor, venue, targeted audience, and anticipated expenses for publicity.
  • Discuss your conceptions of leadership, and at least one situation in which you viewed yourself as a leader. What did you learn from the experience? What was the most rewarding aspect of this role? What did you find most challenging and how did you address this?