MHC Semester in D.C. Application

Spring 2019

Eligibility: Students who will be 2nd semester Juniors or 1st semester Seniors are eligible to apply.

The following materials must be submitted by Wednesday, September 5, 2018.   

Complete the following before beginning this application:

  • Update you resume, including your GPA.
  • Ask a faculty member to submit the Faculty Reference and Major Approval Form. Your faculty reference must confirm that you have discussed your academic plans and that it should be possible for you to complete the major and all other requirements upon your return to graduate on schedule, and attest to your preparedness to complete a rigorous semester of student in UCDC.
  • If you are a double major, ask the faculty advisor of your second major to submit the Double Major Approval Form
  • Choose a writing sample: a paper that demonstrates critical thinking and analysis.
  • Write a sample cover letter to an organization in Washington, D.C. indicating that you would be interested in applying to for an internship.
  • Send your transcript directly to Janet Lansberry, Associate Director, Weissman Center for Leadership Director, Leadership and Public Service at


This is a multi-part form.  Please open and complete each section.