Passport to Leadership

Inspired by Effat University, Mount Holyoke College students have a unique opportunity to grow and develop into skilled and empowered leaders through the Passport to Leadership program. Any student, regardless of background or achievements, can participate in this personal growth experience to gain the tools and knowledge to become a distinctive, accomplished, and confident leader. Through a series of co-curricular activities and courses for credit, the Passport to Leadership engages students in five core leadership competency areas.

  1. Mentoring, Guidance, and Support
  2. Knowledge and Skill Sets
  3. Initiative and Creativity
  4. Local/Global Citizenship and Awareness
  5. Reflection and Discovery

Students participate in a range of absorbing, challenging, and enlightening activities and experiences that are designed to help promote leadership growth and development. Whether learning from world leaders, writing and speaking with confidence, creating new initiatives, partnering with local community organizations, or participating in a leadership workshop, students with a Passport to Leadership are equipped to be effective communicators, wise decision-makers, and reflective, articulate, and creative leaders.

 2013 Passport to Leadership Presentation and Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the twenty seniors who were conferred the Passport to Leadership on May 16, 2013.

See photos from the 2013 Awards Ceremony Here

Layli Amerson, Emily Bouvier, Marleny DaRosa, Kim Fielding, Lee Guilbault, Suraya Hazrati, Sandra Jacques, Marcella Jayne, Caitlin Kidder, So Jin Lee, Julianna Lord, Francisca Sefakor Mote, Ifeoluwa Olokode, Stephanie Roses, Selassie Sayon, Sharanya Shankar, Cynthia Staniszewski, Joselyn Urena, and Chelsea Wurms