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Mount Holyoke College
Weissman Center for Leadership

Passport to Leadership

Mount Holyoke College students have a unique opportunity to grow and develop into skilled, confident, and empowered leaders through the Passport to Leadership program.

Leadership is for You!

At the Weissman Center, we believe that leadership involves more than a leadership title. When you cultivate your message, advocate for issues you care about, and engage your community, you are leading.  That said, we know that many students are interested in growing their capacities to take titled leadership roles, whether as a supervisor, mentor, captain, or officer of an organization. Passport to Leadership is a tool to help you to achieve your goals, whether it is to learn to take daily leadership actions, move an issue forward, or take on a titled leadership role.


All students are eligible for the Passport program, though we encourage students to participate as soon as they enter campus. The program is especially useful prior to the Spring of the Sophomore Year, but students can sign-up anytime and benefit from the Passport program.

How It Works

Passport to Leadership is designed to guide students who are interested in building their current strengths, and challenge themselves to grow in new ways. We have embedded reflection and self-discovery into all aspects of the Passport experience.

You can keep track of your goals, activities, and reflections by using the Personal Leadership Diary. Or, you can use any method that suits you best to keep track of your goals, and to reflect on what you learned...skills and insights…from your experiences.

1. Review each of the leadership competency areas.

2. Set a goal for yourself in each domain.

3. You keep track of what you did.

4. Reflect on what you learned from your participation.

First year and Sophomores can receive an Emergent Leader Certificate by focusing on foundational leadership growth. Juniors and Seniors can continue their leadership journey and receive an Advanced Leadership Certificate at the end of Senior year.


In order to attain the Emergent Leader Certificate or an Advanced Leader Certificate, you must engage in a Passport to Leadership Reflection Session (to be announced), and write a reflection essay on your leadership growth at MHC .

Sign-Up and Stay Connected!

To sign-up, simply complete the attached form . Remember that the Weissman Center and other centers, departments, and programs on campus, along with your courses, are all good places to expand your leadership acumen.