Five Leadership Competencies



Sample  Activities: 

Mentoring and Leadership Roles

At least 1activity

  • Mentor role such as a SAW, CDC, CBL or CAUSE mentor
  • Hold a supervisory or guidance role such as :

Teaching Assistant
Community Advisor
Orientation Leader
Student Supervisor
Member of SAAC
Member of a Student Advisory Board

  • Hold an elected role, as in:

SGA or student organization
Team Captain or Co-Captain

Leadership Skills

 At least 5 activities

  • Attend a  skills-building workshop, conference,  student leadership seminar or site visit (that includes networking or leadership development)
  • Complete a WCL or CBL course for credit, or other courses related to leadership
  • Visit with a mentor (such as SAW), teaching assistant, or other experiences working with a mentor
  • Internships that include leadership growth/skill building 

Initiatives and Creativity

At least 1 activity

  • Present at the Senior Symposium or LEAP
  • Present a paper, design and  lead a workshop, or other special project
  • Teach a J-term course
  • Start or revitalize a student organization, or other initiative
  • Procure an internship on your own

Local/Global Citizenship

At least 3 activities

  • Attend Holyoke or Springfield Bound
  • Attend an  on or off campus public event  that focuses on local/global issues
  • Attend Senior Symposium  or LEAP presentations with a focus on local/global issues (at least 5 presentations to count towards 1 activity)  

Reflection and Self-Discovery

 To be completed as a final competency of the program

  • Seniors will provide evidence in the form of writing and an oral presentation that you have given substantial thought to your leadership growth and development.
  • Students will be required to attend a workshop on Translating Your Leadership Experience in the spring semester of senior year. 
 * The Weissman Center administers the Passport to the Leadership for Mount Holyoke College. Many campus activities can qualify for the Passport. If you have any questions, please contact the Weissman Center.