Passport to Leadership FAQ

Passport to Leadership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I sign up for a Passport to Leadership? How does it work?

A: First, send a photo to the Weissman Center. We will prepare your own personalized Passport to Leadership book.  We will process your individualized Passport to Leadership book,  and then you will receive an email to come pick it up at the Weissman Center. You are on your way!  Take your Passport book with you when you attend activities that qualify for the Passport program. You simply need to write down the name of the activity under the appropriate "Leadership Competency" page in your book, and have it signed by a faculty or staff member who is authorized to confirm that you participated in the activity. As you complete activities be sure to get your Passport book stamped at the Weissman Center to record and recognize your work.

Q: Will I have a Passport 'advisor' to help discuss my progress or individual leadership strengths/challenges that I'm experiencing throughout the Passport experience?

A: Passport to Leadership is a student driven leadership opportunity, which means that it is up to you to pursue activities for the Passport leadership competencies. Since the program is student driven, we encourage any student at any time to schedule a meeting with a Weissman Center staff member.

Q: What is the timeframe for completing the Passport requirements?

A: There is no timeframe, except that you will need to complete the requirements before you graduate from MHC. We encourage students not to 'rush through' by trying to complete all activities in one year. So much of leadership growth is progressive and experiential, and requires reflection over time. Spending four years developing your leadership potential is advisable. Once you enter your final semester at MHC, seniors will be given specific timelines to assure that all requirements are met and that you receive recognition for your participation.

Q: Do all of the activities for a Passport have to be sponsored by the Weissman Center?

A: No. As the Passport program is now a campus wide program administered by the WCL, students no longer have to participate in WCL sponsored activities to complete the program.  Most on-campus activities and many off- campus activities in addition to those sponsored by the WCL are eligible for passport credit. If you have questions about an activity or an experience that you think qualifies please talk to Maureen; these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Q: I have participated in an activity in the past that qualifies for the Passport Program. Can this count?

A: In most circumstances, the answer will be 'Yes.' For those activities where it is no longer possible to document your participation, (such as attendance at a public event) we will ask you to sign a statement that you participated in the event. This is an example of the MHC honor code "in action." For activities in which your prior participation can be confirmed, we will most likely request documentation of your participation.

Q: Can I use my participation in a particular activity to qualify for more than one activity? For example, can I use my summer internship experience in Ghana to qualify under both 'Knowledge and Skills' and 'Local/Global Citizenship and Awareness' competencies?

A: No. Your participation in an activity can only count once towards one competency requirement. If the activity covers a variety of competencies, you may choose which competency to assign the activity towards.

Q: Can I apply any courses that I take for credit towards the Passport program?

A: Yes. Courses that are specifically related to leadership can be applied as credit toward your Passport requirements. All CBL, SAW, and WCL courses qualify.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Reflection and Discovery Leadership Competency?

A: After you have completed the first four Leadership Competencies, you will be asked to submit a 4-6 page paper that reflects on your growth as a leader. What did you learn about yourself? What insights have you gained? What areas of growth would you like to continue to explore? You will also be required to submit an oral presentation about your experience and growth as a leader. More information, including a passport meeting and workshop for all seniors, pertaining to the written and oral components will be scheduled throughout the spring semester.

*We encourage you to keep your own confidential journal throughout your participation in the Passport program. Though this isn't required, it's a good way to capture your insights and growth throughout the Passport experience.

Q: What if I participate in more activities than are required? Do I get special recognition?

A: We encourage all students to participate in as many Passport activities as possible. The more experiences, the better as you navigate your personal leadership journey. Your Passport will be loaded with Passport stamps and will be a source of great pride and achievement.

Q: Will the Passport to Leadership appear on my transcript?

A: No. However, it can be listed on your resume.