Senior Symposium

Photo of a student presenting her senior project during Senior Symposium

What is Senior Symposium? An annual event where seniors share the projects, scholarly research, and intellectual passions that they have brought to their year of independent research, 395-course work or other course work that demonstrates depth of research and analysis during their senior year.

Seniors wishing to participate in the 2019 Senior Symposium must complete registration which will be available on this webpage. Registration is open until March 6, 2019.

The 2019 Senior Symposium will be held April 12, 2019. During this inspiring day-long event, seniors showcase their intellectual passions, independent projects, and scholarly research. Students from the arts, humanities, languages, social sciences, and natural sciences share their research and work on an array of topics in both stimulating and engaging sessions. 

The 2018 Senior Symposium schedule and abstracts can be found below.

2018 Senior Symposium.