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Careers in Public Service

The Weissman Center, together with our campus partners, sponsors trips each year for students who are interested in careers in public service. The site visits feature MHC alumnae who are inspiring examples of success to our students in the fields of politics, policy, advocacy, and government, and whose work spans local initiatives to global world affairs.

Do you have a passion for politics, policy, social justice advocacy, government, or international affairs? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change the world by working at an international advocacy organization, at a public policy think tank, in government, as an activist or community organizer, or by getting a law degree?

Careers in Public Service, now in its eleventh year, is modeled after the MHC student delegation to the U.S. State Department in 2011 that led an initiative to encourage underrepresented people to enter the public service arena. Since then, we have learned that opportunities to learn from accomplished alums and site visits for students are transformative. Students gain enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to work in politics, policy, non-profit organizations, advocacy, community activism, and government. They gain valuable insights and knowledge about what a path in public service might look like, and how to go about crafting a future. Our event, Careers in Public Service, deliberately emphasizes a wide range of careers and open students’ horizons to various fields and new possibilities. Discussions with alums complement the classroom experience and provide guidance on how to turn a rigorous liberal arts education into action in the world. In fact, after attending Careers in Public Service, a student recently remarked “It is one thing to discuss issues in class from a theoretical perspective, but actually meeting with and learning from accomplished alums in a professional setting was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.”

Upcoming Events

Learn about some of our site visits

Careers in Public Service in Washington, D.C., in 2019 Post Panel

2019: Washington, D.C.

Forty students met with early/mid-career, and senior level alumnae in public service careers.
Photo of a group of students on a site visit to Washington, D.C.

2017: Washington, D.C.

Students were introduced to MHC alumnae working in diverse fields of public policy as well as environmental policy and international affairs.
Photo of a group of students and alumnae during a site visit to New York City

2016: New York City

Twenty-four students attended Careers in Public Service at the Ford Foundation to meet MHC alumnae who are working for the government at all levels.

2015: Boston Massachusetts

Our visit included a VIP alumnae luncheon, alumnae panel presentations, a tour of the State House or visit to a Senate session, and networking dinner
Photo of a group of students on a site visit to Washington, D.C.

2014: Washington D.C.

Twenty-four Mount Holyoke students traveled to Washington D.C. over spring break to learn about careers in public service from esteemed MHC alumnae.