Student Leadership Workshops

Take advantage of the Weissman Center’s co-curricular Student Leadership Workshops offered each semester to hone your leadership skills. These workshops are open to any student with a desire and commitment to advance her leadership acumen. No prior leadership experience required.

Persuasive Communication for Women

Featured Student Leadership Workshop
Friday, February 12, 2016
12 Noon - 4:00 PM
Smith College Campus (free transportation to/from MHC)

As women, we are leading in new ways and learning to activate the power of our voice when conveying ideas and catalyzing action. In this highly personalized workshop, facilitated by Barbara Tannenbaum, Professor of Theatre and Leadership Coach at Brown University, we will:

  • devise strategies to strengthen our skills to communicate with increased confidence, clarity, and impact
  • cover topics such as gender and communication
  • work on nonverbal communication strategies
  • use voice to convey leadership
  • develop specific persuasive strategies that influence audiences
  • overcome blocks to effective communication

Design Your Personal Success Manifesto

with Amber Chand

Friday, September 25, 1:30-4:30 PM
Dwight 201 Lounge


You have a unique opportunity to work with visionary leader and life coach Amber Chand on your personal map of purpose, vision, and core values. You will become equipped with important tools -- both transformative and practical -- to support your emerging heroine's journey.  

Leadership and Careers Luncheon

with Patrizia von Brandenstein

Join Academy Award winner Patrizia von Brandenstein for advice and possibilities about leadership and careers in the arts.