Workshop Details

Spring 2012 Student Leadership Workshop Series
Cultivating the Leader Within: Women's Power and Purpose
Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges

Kick-off Networking Brunch and Negotiation Workshop
"Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide"

Sara Laschever
Friday, February 10
Smith College (free transportation to/from Smith)
Networking Brunch: 11 am – 12:15
Negotiation Workshop: 12:30 – 4:00 pm
Registration required

Convinced that negotiation requires bluffing, steamrolling, and hardball tactics, many women avoid negotiating whenever possible. Women pay for this decision in every aspect of their lives—in lost income, delayed career advancement, and under-utilization of their skills at work. They also pay in strained relationships and health problems at home. These are losses women don’t need to suffer. By mastering a few basic principles, planning carefully, and practicing, anyone can become an effective negotiator.

In dynamic half-day workshops, using a mixture of lecturing, interactive case exercises, video examples, and group discussion, Sara Laschever will introduces you to “best practice” negotiation strategy. She will discuss ways for women to maximize their bargaining power, set the right targets for their negotiations, and remain unfazed by the emotional dimensions of the interaction.

We will look at how to overcome our socialized reluctance to negotiate and learn the strategies—cooperative rather than competitive, problem-solving rather than conflict-promoting, and value-sharing rather than zero-sum—that work best for women. Through this hands-on, research-based approach, you will gain the skill and experience to reach good agreements, protect your relationships with other negotiators, and emerge with mutual gains that improve the lot of all parties involved.

Lightening The Load: How to Achieve Emotional Balance

Maeve Ryan
Wednesday, February 15
4:15 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

Young, ambitious women are often bogged down by stress, anxiety, and the pressure to succeed. This innovative and interactive workshop is designed for anyone interested in learning how “lighten the load” and achieve emotional balance in their lives. We will learn how to “balance” physically and mentally via fun and easy-to-remember activities that are designed to establish a mind-body connection.

"Star" Quality: Actor Techniques for Leadership Presence

Susan Daniels
Tuesday, February 21
4:15 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

Have you ever wished that instead of trembling offstage before a presentation, you could confidently stand and speak in your own spotlight? Have you ever wondered what actors do to get that stage presence, that "star" quality? In this playful, interactive workshop, you will learn and practice the same skills professional actors use to relax, focus their message and connect with their audience. For anyone who aspires to lead or wants to be a more effective leader, this workshop will help identify and use your unique qualities to inspire, motivate and powerfully connect with others.

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior: Leading from Within

Leslie Fraser and Anita Magovern
Wednesday, March 7
7:00 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

What are the core values that motivate you? How can your convictions lead you and others to create change and the world you want to live in? What forms your courage, truth, and power? Spiritual warriors are aware of the inner structure of beliefs that empower as well as hold them bound. They hunger for truth, act for justice, have courage to change, and know what they love and live for. In this workshop, we will explore spiritual practices, teachings, stories, and exercises to help you develop your spiritual warrior and confront the inner blocks to becoming one.

Mapping Assets for Social Change

Alan Bloomgarden
Wednesday, March 14
7:00 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

Making social change depends on much more than identifying a critical challenge and getting passionate about addressing it. Sustainable, meaningful social change comes when individual assets become group resources, and when groups mobilize the assets of communities. In this workshop, we will inventory our personal resources, and then map the resources of the organizations, networks and communities to which we belong and with whom we seek to work. These "asset maps" will serve as the foundation for collaborative action planning.

Think | Impact: Organizing and Public Policy

Emily Wazlak
Wednesday, March 28
4:15 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

This workshop is designed to train any new leader with a new way to engage communities and empower ideas through policy writing. You will learn how to identify underlying values that shape public policy, and how to actively confront issues that affect communities. We will transition from a shared discussion of values, to what those values suggest for outcomes that you would like to see reflected in the year 2040, to what policy ideas can help build the bridge from values to outcomes.

Finding and Expressing Your True Voice: An Experiential Workshop

Maeve Ryan
Wednesday, April 11
4:15 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

Even for the most confident and accomplished leader, giving a public presentation, going on an interview, or directing a team or group can be daunting. This interactive, hand-on workshop will allow you to explore your own unique communication style; identify areas of personal strength as speakers and presenters; gain awareness of undeveloped and potential strengths; and learn tools for enhanced communications skills. Through a series of fun and gentle exercises, theatre games, and guided conversations, you will learn what your “comfort zone” is and how to expand it in a positive and self-supportive way. All are welcome - no experience in public speaking is necessary.

"So what are you going to do after college?"
A Workshop about Figuring It Out

Lara Galinsky
Thursday, March 8
4:15 pm with dinner, Smith College (space TBA)
Registration required

Papers, Applications and Calls to Your Mom:
How to Get it All Done without Getting Overwhelmed

Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Tuesday, March 27
4:15 pm, Smith College (Space TBA)
Registration required

Uncovering the Powerful Purpose of You

Jodie Castanza and Jennifer Sanborn
Wednesday, April 18
4:15 pm, Dwight 201 Lounge
Registration required

When we explore who we are at our best, we are engaged in appreciative inquiry, a powerful practice and philosophy of positive change for individuals and organizations. Through appreciate inquiry tools and methods for self-reflections, we will attune ourselves to our unique purpose and learn a practice of self-discovery for the future.