Take advantage of the Weissman Center’s co-curricular Student Leadership Workshops offered each semester to hone your leadership skills. These workshops are open to any student with a desire and commitment to advance her leadership acumen.Women and The Leadership QWednesday, October 34:30 PMDwight 201 LoungePre-registration requiredDiscover your leadership style based on your personality preferences, and develop strategies to increase your leadership effectiveness that are unique to you. You will complete a leadership questionnaire based on the Myers-Briggs personality instrument and discover how to navigate as a leader that best fits your personal preferences.

Will This Business Survive? How to Read Financial Documents Like a ProThursday, November 294:30 PMDwight 201 LoungePre-registration requiredWhether working at a business, or a non-profit or government institution, being able to analyze financial documents to discover the strengths or weaknesses of an enterprise is especially important in today’s workforce climate. Financial concepts and terminology will also be covered as we uncover the compelling “stories” behind the numbers.

Changing the World’s ConversationOpEd ProjectFriday, February 1512 Noon to 5:00 PM (luncheon keynote and workshop)Willits-HallowellPreregistration is required and will be available in JanuaryJoin the MHC community and students from the sister colleges in a highly interactive experience that will expand your view of yourself to have greater influence in the world, including writing op-ed articles.