Blog Policies and Guidelines

To request a Mount Holyoke College blog, whether official or non-official, please submit a blog request form.

Non-Official Blogs

“Non-official blogs”, e.g. courses and personal blogs may choose from a selection of designs. Should non-official bloggers wish to use the College design skin, they may state their reasons in on the blog request form.

Official MHC Blogs

“Official” Mount Holyoke blogs are generated by a College department or office, or an individual representing the same. Official College blogs will be put into the College design “skin” to give them a look and feel similar to the Mount Holyoke Web site.

When potentially official blogs are started, the LITS Team will notify the Office of Communications Director of Web Development, who will ensure the blog has the appropriate design skin.

The Office of Communications Directors will determine how blogs are aggregated, prioritized, and fed to the gateways and other appropriate areas of the site.

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