Tips for Maintaining Facebook Pages

  1. Post regularly, but not too often. The Mount Holyoke College Facebook page is updated at least once a day, but usually no more than two or three times daily.
  2. Don't post in bulk. Spread out your posts, so that you do not become obtrusive to the people following your page.
  3. Monitor comments on your page frequently – including weekends.
    1. Respond in a timely manner when posters ask a question or post inaccurate information.
    2. Remove any inappropriate posts or offensive comments immediately
  4. Create content that encourages participation and conversation – e.g., Create a post that includes a question or an invitation to your followers to comment.
    1. Don't interject yourself in the conversation that follows unless there is a clear reason for you to do so (see #3), such as the need to answer a question directed to you or to clarify misinformation.
    2. Don't censor your posters simply because they've made a comment you disagree with, but DO set policies and guidelines regarding what you will and won't allow on your page – e.g., personal remarks or attacks on an individual, advertising pitches, etc.
    3. When you find reason to delete a follower's post, send that person an email via Facebook explaining what policy he or she has violated.
    4. If a poster uses particularly offensive language or is otherwise inappropriate in his/her comments, you can also report the individual to Facebook.