Flickr Policies and Guidelines

The College is using Flickr to publish photo galleries on official College Web sites.

Getting Started with Flickr

  • To post images on Flickr you need to create a Flickr account.
  • Standard Flickr accounts are free, but are subject to limitations; please review Flickr's limits; see "How many photos and videos can I upload for free?".
  • If your needs merit, you may want to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account for $24.95 per year.
  • Set the URL for your Flickr account to something similar to "mhcfrench".
  • Add your event photos to sets.
  • Use an MHC mail list for the account email.
  • For assistance in setting up your Flickr account, email the College Web Team.
MHC Twitter Logo

MHC Logo on Flickr

Please use this MHC logo on your Flickr account. Do not resize the image or remove the white borders.

Flickr Policies

Flickr is a Yahoo! Company and you must take responsibility for abiding by the Yahoo! And Flickr terms of service which apply to your account. Flickr use is also subject to the Flickr Community Guidelines, notable terms include:

  • Post only content that you have the right to post.
  • Moderate your content.
  • Do not use your account to host Web graphics like logos and banners.
  • Link back to a photo’s page on Flickr from any other page where you display the photo.

Mount Holyoke Guidelines for Flickr Use

  • When creating a new account with Yahoo! and Flickr, for the purpose of publishing College images, we ask that you include "mhc" in the account's screen name. For example, "mhcfrench" is a good choice of screen name for publishing official French Department images.
  • The displayed name of the Flickr profile of a College division, department, office, organization, or program, should be the full name of the entity whose photos are being published at that Flickr account. For example: “Mount Holyoke College Department of French.”
  • The Web site address of the Flickr profile should be the primary Web site address of the College entity whose photos are being published at that Flickr account. For example, the URL for the French department is: the French department Flickr website address is:

View the French department photo galleries...

For additional assistance, please email the College Web Team.