The Lynk Department Redesigns

A project of the Dean of Faculty Office and the College web team.

  • Creating websites that emphasize innovative teaching and learning and embedding practical experience and career preparation into the liberal arts core.
  • Bring greater visibility to the activities of the Colege community: This campus-wide project works with departments and programs to update their websites to showcase and promote their students, faculty, alumnae, and events.
  • highlight and promote the unique opportunities of Mount Holyoke College: Study abroad, internships, experiential learning, hands-on research, graduate school and career preparation, leadership and mentoring, community involvement, alumnae connections, awards, and fellowships. 

The Sciences

Hands-on experience for undergraduates

The Department of Chemistry

Chemistry website
Chemistry students benefit from access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and computers in our teaching and research laboratories.

Collaborative research opportunities

Program in Biochemistry

Biochemistry website
Biochemistry majors engage in cutting-edge research through faculty-student partnerships.

Research and facilities

Department of Astronomy

Astronomy Department
Participate in a hands-on research program funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation using state-of-the-art facilities.

Arts and Humanities

The dance concentrations; Dance performance and research

Department of Dance

Lynk Department Redesign: Dance
Choose a dance concentration in Choreography and Performance, Dance Science, Somatics and Art Therapies, and History, Theory and Criticism, or a self-designed concentration. Dance performance and research includes Dance projects and events of students, faculty and alumnae.

Ensembles; Signature events

Department of Music

Lynk Department Redesign: Music
Explore unique traditions that celebrate through music, the many facets of life at the college. Explore the many pathways to diverse careers in music.

On-campus museum connections; Study abroad

Department of Art and Art History

Art History website
The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum serves as a classroom for many courses and offers internships, employment and a Student Guide program. A semester or year studying abroad is especially relevant to a major’s understanding of global art and architecture.

Practice history with mentored research

Department of History

History Lynk Redesign
Go beyond the textbook to see how our students, alumnae and faculty are discovering, researching (and writing about), and funding the histories that haven't been told.

The Italian language learning community; Learning Abroad in Italy

Italian Studies, Department of Classics and Italian

 Italian Studies
Integrate classroom learning through peer mentoring, participation in a language community, and interactive activities. Apply for an internship in Italy (usually in your junior year) and explore other recommended study abroad programs.

Learning abroad For German students

Department of German Studies

German Studies, Mount Holyoke College
Immerse yourself in German culture and language and engage in cross-cultural learning that can prepare you for international careers and true citizenship in a global world.

Student research

Program in Romance Languages & Cultures

Romance Languages and Cultures
Browse examples of student honor's theses culminating from mentored research projects.

Study abroad and summer language study

Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies

Russian Studies, Mount Holyoke College
Pursue study abroad and intensive language study programs in Russia, Eurasia, Latvia and elsewhere.

Social Sciences

Research opportunities

Department of Economics

Economics Department Website
Learn about research in classes, independent study, and internships.

Mentored research

Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations
Undertake the challenge of a substantial research project combining independent research with the completion of an honors thesis under the guidance of a small faculty committee.

Innovation opportunities and workshops

​Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society

Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society
Consider targeted skills workshops, Makerspace, and our curriculum-to-career pathways. Discover opportunities for internships in different contexts and for implementing your own ideas for a new venture.

Geoprocessing Lab and Field Reearch

Department of Geography

Department of Geography
Carry out research and thesis work using Remote Sensing, GIS, and GPS techniques with the support of the GeoProcessing Lab.

Mentored research

Department of Politics

Politics Department
Gain important research experience through a range of collaborative and independent research projects.


As defined by the College registrar.

The Environmental studies concentrations

Department of Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Website
Choose from seven concentrations: Conservation; Ecosystem Science; Environment and Development; Environmental Politics, Policy, and Economics; Geoscience; Natural History; Nature/Culture/History.

Media production; Beyond the classroom

Program in Film Studies

Lynk Department Redesigns: Film Studies
Learn to be thoughtful, critical media makers while also fostering an appreciation for the moving image as an art form. Travel across the region to film festivals and events and participate in film-making projects and programs.

Local and global community connections; Independent research and student projects

Department of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies

Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Asian Studies
Working alongside Latino communities locally and across the globe, in partnership with Community Based Learning, International Internships, and Study Abroad programs, equips students to lead with confidence. Independent student research and theses, research grants, student projects, and faculty research and publications.

Languages; Study Abroad and Internships

Program in Asian Studies

Lynk Department Redesign: Asian Studies
Choose four levels of instruction in Chinese, three in Japanese, two in Arabic, and two in Korean. Explore the world through affiliated internships and study abroad programs and exchanges in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, and South Asia.