The Lynk Department Redesigns

A project of the Dean of Faculty Office and the college webteam.

Redesigning websites to emphasize innovative teaching and learning and embedding practical experience and career preparation into the liberal arts core.

  • make the activities of our community visible on the website: This campus-wide project works with departments and programs to update their websites to showcase and promote their students, faculty, alumnae, and on-campus community.
  • highlight and promote the unique opportunities of Mount Holyoke College: Study abroad, internships, experiential learning, hands-on research, graduate school and career preparation, leadership and mentoring, community involvement, alumnae connections, awards, and fellowships. 

Maintaining websites

  • offer long-term maintenance and support: After the redesigned website is launched, we provide ongoing training and technical support to help you keep your website content fresh and up to date. 
  • foster a long-term learning community of webmasters: As departments and programs shape their online identity we can seek to better understand the changing needs of our primary audiences (current and prospective students and families, and colleagues), write engaging content for the web, experiment and innovate with our content and visual design, and effectively collect and interpret data to better understand user preferences and behavior.
Lynk Department Redesigns: Chemistry

Featured Section: Hands-on Experience For Undergraduates

History Lynk Redesign

Featured Section: Practice History (Student, Faculty, and Alumnae Research)
Featured Section: Use History (Internships and Careers)


Economics Department Website

Featured Section: Research Opportunities

Lynk Department Redesign: Dance

Featured Section: The Dance Concentrations
Featured Section: Dance Performance and Research 
Arts layout 

Lynk Department Redesign: Biochemistry

Featured Section: Collaborative Research Opportunities


Environmental Studies Website

Environmental Studies
Featured Section: The ES Concentrations

Lynk Department Redesign: Spanish

Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies
Featured section: Local and Global Community Connections (CBL and Study Abroad)
Featured Section: Independent Research and Student Projects

Art History Website

Art History
Featured Section: On-Campus Museum Connections
Featured Section: Internships and Study Abroad 

Nexus: Curriculum to Career

Nexus: Curriculum to Career
Pre-professional career tracks

Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society

Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society
An interdisciplinary minor incorporating practical experience

 Italian Studies

Italian Studies
Featured Section: Learning Abroad in Italy

Romance Languages and Cultures Redesign

Romance Languages and Cultures 
Featured Section: Student Research

Lynk Department Redesign: Asian Studies

Asian Studies 
Featured Section: Languages
Featured Section: Study Abroad and Internships

Lynk Department Redesigns: Film Studies

Film Studies 

Featured Section: Media Production
Featured Section: Beyond the Classroom

Department of International Relations

International Relations
Featured Section: Mentored Research

Politics Department

Featured Section: Mentored Research

Lynk Department Redesign: Music

Featured Section: Ensembles
Featured Section: Signature Events

German Studies, Mount Holyoke College

German Studies 
Featured Section: Learning Abroad

Russian Studies, Mount Holyoke College

Russian and Eurasian Studies In Progress

Featured Section: Study Abroad and Summer Language Study
Featured Section: Fellowships and Funding

Art  Studio Redesign

Art Studio - In Progress

Physics Redesign

Physics - On Hold

Theatre Arts - In Progress
Computer Science - In Progress
Geography - In Progress
Architectural Studies - In Progress

  1. Physics on hold
  2. Geology - on hold
  3. English - on hold
  4. French
  5. Jewish Studies 
  6. Philosophy 
  7. Anthropology 
  8. Sociology 
  9. Critical Social Thought 
  10. Medieval Studies 
  11. Neuroscience and Behavior 
  12. Mathematics and Statistics 
  13. Gender Studies 
  14. Africana Studies 
  15. Religion 
  16. Classics 
  17. Ancient Studies
  18. Educational Studies
  19. Physical Education and Athletics
  20. Conceptual Foundations of Science