Training Videos & Manuals

Video Modules

  • Drupal Basics & Beyond: The introductory course for new editors. This series of videos outlines basic functions such as logging in, creating a page, editing the body section, and managing links and callout blocks.
  • Advanced Drupal Features and Techniques:  Courses for the advanced Drupal editor.  This series of videos outlines functions such as creating responsive tables, workbench moderation and webform conditionals.

Drupal Manuals

Note: All Drupal manuals are being updated to include the 2014 web design and new content types. As the manuals are updated they will be posted here.

Full Manuals

  • Basics and Beyond (7/18/14)
  • Webforms - Use this content type to create webforms. You must have training in Drupal webforms before you have access to create or edit webforms.
  • Advanced Drupal Features and Techniques -  Instructions on how to fix formatting errors in the HTML editor, how to add buttons and anchors, and how to create responsive tables.

Mini-manuals on Specific Topics

Siteimprove Manual

  • Siteimprove - Use this online application to view reports on broken links and misspellings. Training is required.