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Professor Alexi C. Arango

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Alexi Arango joined the faculty of Mount Holyoke College in July 2010, where he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics.  Arango has authored more than seven publications and holds more than seven patents in fields ranging from electrophoretic displays to light emitting diodes and solar cells.

Arango graduated with double honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a B.S. in physics. For his undergraduate research thesis project, Arango pioneered the use of a titanium dioxide anode in novel photovoltaic device structures employing conjugated polymers. He achieved record high efficiencies for photovoltaic devices consisting of a pristine polymer film.

After leaving Santa Cruz, Arango spent two and a half years with E Ink Corporation, an MIT spin-off attempting to commercialize electrophoretic displays. There, he investigated the optical and electronic properties of electrophoretic inks, ultimately leading to the development of waveforms for grayscale addressing schemes. His waveforms are currently implemented in E Ink displays, found in most ebook readers such as the Amazon Kindle. 

Arango earned his Ph.D. at MIT in 2010, having studied the device physics of solar cells based on inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals, organic small molecules and metal oxides.  His research investigated printed layers of inorganic nanocrystals.  Using these printing techniques, he fabricated novel solar cell architectures that achieved higher open-circuit voltages than previously thought possible for this class of photovoltaics.

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