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Get Involved!

There are so many issues in the world today. But the good news is, there are a lot of people to help solve them!

It is SO important that you don't let yourself get weighed-down by the issues, but instead stay positive and make change!

Are you interested in getting involved and making a change in the place you live?

Check out some of these links to see many ways that youth are making a difference all over the world!

PeaceJam is an international organization that brings youth together with Nobel Peace Prize laureates (winners) like the Dalai Lama from Tibet, Arch Bishop Desmod Tutu from South Africa, Jody Williams for the USA, and many more! The youth learn about the lives of the laureates, create service projects, and then get a chance to share their project with the person they studied.

Roots and Shoots is an organization of youth in almost 100 countries who do service projects in their areas, based on what they think the community needs most. The organization is focused on making the world better for people, animals, and the environment.

AI Kids is a program run buy Amnesty International. The focus of this organization is writing letters to people who have been put in prison for unfair reasons to send them hope and remind them that they have not been forgotten. Check out this link to see who kids are writing to now!


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