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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

(Look for Israel and Palestine on the western side of the Middle East)

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the oldest and most tense conflicts in the world right now.

The land that both of these cultures say they own has been fought over as long as history has been recorded because it is the holy land of three religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As countries, the Israelis are Jewish, and the Palestinians are Muslim, or ‘Arab’.

Jewish people have been treated unfairly by many cultures over the years. During World War II in Europe, many, many Jews were killed because of their religion. We call this the Holocaust.  After that war ended, a movement of Jews called Zionists, who believe that God has given Israel to the Jewish people, decided that it was time to go back to their holy land and create the country of Israel. The only problem was that there were already people living there—the Palestinians. A few years later, after a lot of struggle, the country of Israel declared independence. 

What do you think?

Some people think that it is unfair that the Israelis moved into the land of Palestine and pushed people out of their homes, especially because that land is also holy to the Palestinian people.

Some people think that after the Holocaust, when many Jews lost their families, their homes, and everything they owned, they deserved to be able to go to the land of their ancestors and create their Jewish country.

This is not an easy problem to solve, which is why there is still a lot of fighting going on today. Right now, with help from the USA, Israel and Palestine are trying to come to a peace agreement, but it is a slow process.

One of the worst consequences of this disagreement is that in general, the people of Israel and Palestine see each other as ‘the enemy’, which creates a lot of hatred on both sides. Some people think that this is because there is a big wall that separates Israel from Palestine, and so the people don’t know each other.

What would happen if the people of the two countries could talk to each other?

Do you think there would be more violence? Do you think there would be more respect?

If you want to find out what kids in Israel and Palestine are doing to make peace, check out some of these links:


Iraq War:

In 2003, The United States sent the militry into Iraq because American officials claimed that Iraq was building nuclear weapons (WOMDs). No WOMDs were ever found, but the military stayed in Iraq and took the dictator Saddam Hussein out of power. The USA stayed in Iraq to try and develop a democratic government. There has been an incredible amount of conflict with the people of Iraq and also with the terrorist group al-Qaeda. Thousands and thousands of people have died in this war, and it has cost the USA about $845 billion.


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