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In the United States prison rape is something that is known all too well. TV Shows, primarily, are to "thank" for this; shows such as OZ (HBO) and Law and Order (NBC) focus on life in prison and/or the people that are sent to prison. Within the United States there are several organizations that have been created to inform the general public of the atrocities that occur behind prison bars-the horrors that we do not want to see.

On April 19, 2001, Human Rights Watch released a report titled, "No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons". The 378-page report is based on more than three years of research and is the first national survey of prisoner-on-prisoner rape. The report includes some inmates' personal accounts of being sexually assaulted, which helps dismiss public opinion: men who are raped in prison deserve it because they were rapists on the outside. This extensive report identifies that many public prosecutors do not care about prosecuting the crimes that happen in prison; likewise, prison officials rarely advocate for protection of prisoner-on-prisoner abuses. Therefore, many instances of abuse are never prosecuted.

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