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In Brazil prisoner-on-prisoner violence is very common. In some instances, 10 inmates have been killed. Like most prisons,those incarcerated in Brazilian prisons are allowed visitors. In Brazil conjugal visits for male inmates are very generous. When it comes to conjugal visits, there are very few limitations placed on the inmates: they can go where they want (within the prison) and basically, they can do what they want. Conjugal visits have actually become a "defender" against prison rape, according to some prison guards; however, there has not been any documentation denying nor confirming this to be a fact or rumor. The rape in Brazilian prisons usually occurs, not for sexual pleasure, but to assert power over another inmate. Furthermore, when it comes to prison rape, there has been very little documentation.


Venezuela, like most countries, has a very limited amount of information and statistics of prison rape; therefore, making it difficult to sort fact from fiction. Like the United States, sexual assault, in prison, is rarely ever reported; however, one inmate has spoken out. He, one of only a handful of prisoners, has spoken out and admitted that rape, in prison, is a problem. He said that the older prisoners gang up on the younger prisoners because they want to make them be like women-they want to have sex with you- rape you, in this instance.

This man entered La Planta, a prison in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1993 when he was only 17 years old. Upon entering, he was gang raped. He moved into disciplinary segregation in the "máxima" area of the prison, a dark area of the prison that had no outdoor access, as means for protection. A year later, he was moved back into a regular cellblock, but this time he was ready to defend himself. When being asked how he could manage his own protection, he said, "I own a knife and I know how to use it."