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This is a film by Diane Liu and Carmen Russell. It was put on Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria. This film was also on OneWorld.net.


Documentary Highlights: Different Perspectives

"When I was younger, they tied me up, put a bag over my head and beat me. When I wake up I sweep, wash dishes and do what they tell me to do. They don't buy me clothing or shoes."

-Evans Antoine, 15 an orphan in Port-au-Prince


"I came here in August of 2006 because my mom can't afford to raise me."

-Mathieu Maignon 13 years old former resident of Fond des Blancs, current resident of Port-au-Prince


" I sent one to Port-au-Prince because I can't care for all of them."

-Marie-Therese, Mathieu's mother


"I am scared for the ones I am giving away. But I am giving them away because I can't take care of them."

- Rodette Clermanceau, a parent from a rural area called Fond des Blancs


"I have 13 children. Although they don't eat or sleep well they stay with me anyway, because I see the way restavecs suffer. They're hit. They're left hungry. They don't get to bathe. For these children to get anything to eat, they must work. Even though there are tasks kids can't do, they are forced to do it. These are things I've witnessed myself. My parents couldn't take care of me, so I became a restavec. I can tell you about the misery I went through."

- Rodette Clermanceau's neighbor, Amelus Calix, father of thirteen children


"The parents pray that someone will take the kids and care for them. They hope the child can become somebody who changes the family's fate. But the host family doesn't make the child's life any better, only worse."

- Briel Leveille local leader in Fond des Blancs


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