The Me-Iung Ting Letters

[Letter Envelope]


This collection of letters was written by Me-Iung Ting x1916, a doctor in China, to her professor/friend Abby Turner. They are an intimate documentation of Me-Iung's career, her family, and the events in her war-torn country.

If you are interested in reading more about Me-Iung, there's an onion skin typed manuscript at Columbia University, although its WorldCat listing describes it as a book. Some of the pages of this manuscript are Me-Iung's account of her imprisonment by the Japanese. Her nephew was imprisoned with her. I have a transcription of this portion of the manuscript, and it's fascinating reading. But since I don't own it, I will not post it on my website. There were other pages in this document that mention her nomination as a Barbour scholar at University of Michigan, and some other biographical pages, but I do not have a transcription of those pages.