A Letter written around Sep, 1919

International Conference Women Physicians
September 15 to October 26th, 1919

Dear Miss Turner:-

The party starts for Boston this coming Friday. I am sorry that I must go back to college this Saturday. There are so many things waiting for me at Ann Arbor. Dr. McLean is not with me. She is better but by no means a strong woman. I saw her last week at Gull Lake, Michigan.

I have decided to come East next year. I feel sure that I would have the chance to see you. I am enjoying the conference. I wish that you could be here to enjoy some of the lectures with me.

This is the best conference that I have attended yet. It had [sic] last six weeks. I am sorry that I cannot stay any longer. I was asked to speak twice - just to confirm few remarks. I felt so small in presence of these matured doctors.

If I only could - I would love to stop even after hours at Mount Holyoke College to see you. Miss Morris is here. I saw here [sic] yesterday. Do you know her? She used to teach History at M. H. College.

With love.