Knowlton Bros. Stereoviews on Green Mounts

[Mary Lyon's Grave]


These stereoviews were published in a Connecticut Valley Views series by Knowlton Brothers in Northampton, with the exception of several marked G. D. Lawrence & Co. in Northampton. There is also a stereoview by Alden which is on a green mount, but does not have an indication that it is part of the Connecticut Valley Views series.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Pass in the Rock
front "No. 89 Pass in the Rock, Mt. Holyoke, on the Road to So. Hadley." Knowlton Bros., Northampton, Mass. Connecticut Valley Views.
back lightly inscribed in lower right: "Anna"

Pass in the Rocks
front Knowlton Bros., Photographers. Connecticut Valley Views.
back Checklist for stereoscopic views of Mt. Holyoke and Mt. Tom. #89 is marked: "Pass in the rocks, Mt. Holyoke, on the road to So. Hadley."

Mary Lyon's Grave
front Knowlton Bros., Photographers, Northampton, Mass. Connecticut Valley Views series: "Mary Lyon's Grave, South Hadley." Plain cream back.

Prospecting on Mt Holyoke
front "Prospecting on Mt. Holyoke" Seven women, two girls, and a man enjoying a clear day on the mountain. Connecticut Valley Views, Knowlton Bros, Photographers.
back Checklist for Stereoscopic Views of Mt. Holyoke and Mt. Tom. Inscribed: "Anna W. Ferris No. 101" which is handwritten as "Prospecting on Mt Holyoke."

Stereoview of the Seminary
front This looks like a pre-1870 stereoview; the library isn't there yet, and the iron fence has not yet been installed. Knowlton Bros., Northampton, Mass. Connecticut Valley Views series, #137: "Mt. Holyoke Seminary, South Hadley."
back No marks.

Mary Lyon's Grave
front "Mary Lyon's Grave, South Hadley." "Knowlton Bros, Photograp[hers.] Northampton, Mass." "Connecticut Valley Views." Advertisement for Stereoscopic Views by J. D. Lawrence & Co., Northampton on the reverse.

Pump House and Bridge
front Two women and a man, standing on the old wooden bridge next to the pump house. Another building is visible where Willits is today.
back A. E. Alden, A. J. Alden, Photographers, Springfield, Mass. Inscriptions: "Wheel House now Cat House 1950 on ..... f. s." "given me by Miss Ellis w/other views" "In backbround, Bolton farm barn & wooden fence - house up on hill not shown - Also, by barn was a spring used by Carpenters in shop in rear basement of Blanchard (now) which was Gymnasium. Philip went w/pail for water for men, 1912, '13" "M. Ellis June 8, 1869. Wheel House in Sem grounds." Note about childish scrawl on back: "Philippa's scribbles 1939 etc"

Stony Brook
front "G. D. Lawrence & Co., Publishers, Northampton, Mass." "Connecticut Valley Views." Plain cream back. Inscription on reverse: "View on Stony Brook foot of Mt. Hol. Sem. grounds From below bridge, looking south. No. 4."

front "G. D. Lawrence & Co., Publishers, Northampton, Mass." "Connecticut Valley Views." Plain cream back. Inscription: "No. 184. Gymnastics."