Stereoviews on Plain Yellow or Beige Mounts

[Old Mill and Dam]


These stereoviews are published by several different photographers (Sutcliffe, Burt, Alden). Others are not marked with a publisher's name.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Prospect House on Mount Holyoke
front A view of Prospect House on Mount Holyoke.
back "413 Prospect House Mount Holyoke"

The pre-1875 Church
front I believe this is the church that burned down in 1875. Inscription on back: "South Hadley Church Mass"

Mt. Holyoke from the Avenue
front "No. 201 --- Mt. Holyoke from the Avenue" A nice view up Mount Holyoke, the mountain.
back "Burt's Stereoscopic Views of Northampton and Vicinity. Photographed by Lovell & Knowlton. Henry M. Burt, Publisher, Northampton, Mass." Dated Oct 7, 1867 in ink.

Class of 1869 on the Seminary steps
front Untitled view of a group of women on the front steps of the Seminary building.
back Photographed by A. E. Alden of Springfield, MA. Pencil inscriptions identify this as the class of 1869; several names in the class of 1869 are mentioned in the top left corner: A. Leonard and M. N. Thompson. In the bottom right corner: "At right, 2nd row, Miss Edwards - also teacher, like M. E./Class - 1869 Mary Ellis - seated in front on left all in black with tiny white collar"

Shady Walk
front View of two women and a man on a shady walk. A building is visible on the left, but I can't place it.
back A. E. Alden, A. J. Alden, Photographers, Springfield, Mass. Inscriptions: "Same people as on Wheel House Bridge? fs 1981" "Mary Ellis" "Avenue of Mt. Hol. Sem." "Avenue No of Sem SoH"

The Observatory
front "Mt. Holyoke College. Series G, 500. The Observatory." South Hadley and Vicinity series.
back "Photographed and Published by John B. Sutcliffe, Holyoke, Mass."

Mary Lyon's Grave
front A view of Mary Lyon's Grave. A second stone is seen to the left of her stone.
back A. E. Alden, A. J. Alden, Photographers, Springfield, Mass. Inscriptions: "Student stone to left now in Old Cemetary [sic] See Jessie Lie's volume of 1977-78" "Mary Lyon's Monument" "Mary Ellis" I looked into the student stone; according to information from Jessie Lie's 1976 book, "The Old South Hadley Burial Ground," page D IV 3, and the MHC Archives, the student buried here was Sophia H. Allen x1853. She died April 5, 1851 at the age of 22. I don't know what year her body was moved to the South Hadley burial ground, but the Archives has a photo of Mary Lyon's gravesite dated 1907, and the Allen stone was already gone.

West End of Mt. Holyoke
front Roadway and fence in front of Mt. Holyoke (the mountain). Inscription on back: "West End of Mt. Holyoke S. Hadley Mass."

Pump House and Bridge
front Pump house and bridge; four people on the bridge. A. E. Alden, A. J. Alden Photographers, Springfield, Mass.

Stereoview of the Seminary
front "Mount Holyoke Female Seminary" Pre-1870, since the library is not constructed yet.
back kinda dull ...

Old Mill and Dam
front "Old Mill and Dam So. Hadley" I believe this is the waterfall at Upper Lake.
back A. E. Alden, A. J. Alden, photographers, Springfield, Mass. "Views from Stereoscopic size to largest made. Residences, Churches, Public Buildings, Mills, Streets, and all prominent points of interest. Orders solicited."

Stereoview of the Seminary
front This looks like a pre-1870 stereoview; the library isn't there yet, and the iron fence has not yet been installed
back Inscription along lefthand edge: "Mt. Holyoke Seminary So. Hadley" Views in the Connecticut Valley published by F. H. Putnam & Co., East Hampton, Massachusetts.

President and Mrs. McKinley, 1899
front "Series P, 90. The President and Mrs. McKinley and Party Entering Mt. Holyoke College Grounds, June 20, 1899. Governor Wolcott in the rear of the President." From the "Holyoke and Vicinity" series, copyright 1899 by John B. Sutcliffe.

1870 Library
front View of the interior of the 1870 library. Plain back.

The Pass
front "The Pass, near Conn. River, on road from Hockanum to South Hadley." Text on the reverse: "Burt's Stereoscopic Views of Mount Holyoke and Vicinity. Photographed by Houghton & Knowlton. Henry M. Burt, Publisher, Northampton, Mass. Messrs Houghton & Knowlton are prepared to make either large or small views of Lanoscapes and Residences, at any point in the Conn. Valley. Orders solicited."

United Methodist Church
front Unlabeled view of a church in winter. Comparing it to other views, it is clear this is the United Methodist Church in South Hadley (30 Carew St). Text on the reverse is a checklist for the stereoscopic views of the Connecticut Valley (Holyoke, Mass.; Springfield, Mass.; Hartford, Conn.) by Milan P. Warner, Holyoke, Mass., 1882.