Gowing: Miscellaneous Items

[Recipe for Opera Cream]

Voting Ballot, November 8, 1904
ballot Voting for women was still a dream, so I would guess that this ballot was not valid in the election, but something that students prepared to show interest in their government. Shows candidates for president and vice-president.

Recipe for Opera Cream
front "Opera Cream. 2 cups gran. sugar 3/4 cup milk (condensed if desired) 1/4 cake chocolate. vanilla & nuts if desired. Boil the sugar, milk and chocolate until it gets the least bit sticky when you put it in water. Then put it aside to cool. When it is fairly cool, put in vanilla & nuts & beat it until your arms break off. Then pour it into a pan or drop it on buttered pan or paper If you don't succeed at first, try, try again."

Biblical Literature Assignment
front "Mount Holyoke College. Biblical Literature, Course 2. June, 1906." Eight questions to answer; some are simple answers, some are essay.

History Assignment
front "Mount Holyoke College. History, Course 4 A. June, 1906." Eight essay questions to answer.

Reading List
front "Lists of Books for Freshmen" Includes some handwritten anotations.

start of article An obituary for Mary Woolley's father.

Boston Sunday Post article, June 18, 1905
start of article "Society Beauty, and Athlete, Best Known Girl in Boston/Helen Buck, of Mt. Holyoke, A Wonderful Girl Athlete/Her Prowess Rivals That of Trained College Men/Swift as Atalanta, mighty as an Amazon, is Miss Helen Buck, president of the graduating class at Mt. Holyoke College, and, probably the greatest woman athlete in the world."

The Practical Program for World Organization
front A folded flyer extracted from "A Primer of the Peace Movement," by Lucia Ames Mead, published by the American Peace Society. Urges the formation of an International Congress.

Freshman/Junior Songs, 1906/1908
front "Do Not Let the Seniors or Sophomores See These." Words to 14 basketball songs sung by the juniors and freshmen, praising their classes and teasing the seniors and sophomores. Avis Baston is mentioned by name in tune #9 as the captain of the freshman team.

Basket Ball Songs, 1906
top "Basket Ball Songs, 1906" Words to 14 basketball songs sung by the class of 1908 (the sophomores) praising their class and teasing the others. Some of these are in common to the ones on the previous song sheet.
bottom The whole thing wouldn't fit on the scanning bed in one pass.