What is Omanization?

Omanization is a policy enacted by the government of Oman in 1988 aimed at replacing expatriate workers with trained Omani Personnel. The Sultanate of Oman sets quotas for various industries to reach in terms of the percentage of Omani to foreign workers. Companies which reach their government mandated goals are given a "green card", meaning they recieve press attention and preferential treatment in their dealings with the government. Several Universities have been opened by the Sultanate to train Omani workers.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has proclaimed percentages of Omanization to be met in six areas of the private sector.
Transport, storage and communications - 60%
Finance, insurance and real estate - 45%
Industrial - 35%
Hotels and restaurants - 30%
Wholesale or retail trading - 20%
Contracting - 15%
Many of the government ministries have already reached 100% Omanization.