Causes and Effects of Modern Slavery

There is no single reason why slavery is still in existence, or thriving for that matter, and there are a multitude of effects.


Some Causes and Effects

  • The world's population has more than tripled. This population explosion leaves many countries over populated and is damaging to the economy (more people = less jobs). Most of the population growth has taken place in the developing world.
  • Industrialization, or the move toward it, in many developing countries involves mass migration to urban areas. This influx of workers leaves many without job security, easily dispensible in the work force.
  • Although slavery is internationally illegal, government corruption can make slavery easy to get away with, or even profitable for a country.
  • Slavery is cheap, easy, and profitable. Slaves are disposable. World wide poverty is rampant.
  • People in developed nations are widely unaware that slavery exists today (for example, the US government estimates that 50,000 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year alone). Those that are aware often don't know what they can do.
  • Slavery tends to exist in cycles: poverty, slavery, lack of education and lack of political, economic or any kind of freedom all are both causes and effects of the modern slavery
  • Because of these factors, slavery continues and will continue to expand unfettered by international efforts to stop it.