After news of the election fraud many different groups set coup attempts into motion. One planned by the Reform the Armed Forces Movement, lead by Enrile planned to assault the Malacañang Palace and arrest Marcos. The military’s role would then be to take over the other places like the airport, military bases, media stations and others to restrict any counter offensive plans by the Marcos troops. However their plan was discovered and Marcos called for their arrest.
After hearing of the call for their arrest, Enrile asked for help from Lt. Gen Fidel Ramos, then the AFP Vice Chief of Staff. He agreed to resign and switch to the opposition. He contacted Cardinal Sin, a highly influential religious figure in the Philippines
Enrile and Ramos held a press conference in Camp Aguinaldo and announced their resignations and defection to the opposition.

"There has become an elite Armed Forces of the Philippines that no longer represents the rank and officers' corps of the Armed Forces. ...The President of 1986 is not the President to whom we dedicated our service. it is clear that he no longer is the able and capable commander-in-chief that we count upon. ... He has put his personal family interest above the interest of the people. We do not consider President Marcos as now being a duly constituted authority."

"I am not even acting Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. I think that when he made that announcement to you and to the whole world last Sunday, he was just fooling us, and he was fooling the entire world because he flip-flopped so many times already. ... I would like to appeal to the fair and to the dedicated and people- oriented members of the AFP and the INP to join us in this crusade for better government."
- Fidel Ramos

"I cannot in my conscience recognize the President as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and I am appealing to the other members of the Cabinet to heed the will of the people expressed during the last elections. Because in my own region, I know that we cheated in the elections to the extent of 350,000 votes. ... No, I will not serve under Mrs. Aquino even if she is installed as a president. ... Our loyalty is to the Constitution and the country. ... You are welcome to join us. We have no food..."
- Enrile

Cardinal Sin, through Radio Veritas (an illegal, non government controlled radio station that helped gather all the people and support for the movement) asked the Filipino people to come to the aid of the rebel leaders and head to EDSA with support, food and other supplies. After his announcement nuns, priests among the civilians headed towards EDSA to protest.
Radio Veritas was knocked out by the government when they noticed the overwhelming amount of people that arrived at EDSA. Radio Veritas kept the people informed about government troop movements and the necessary supplies and food needed by the people at EDSA though a standby transmitter.
Hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians arrived at EDSA. People arrived with whole families and in large groups. Performers arrived and entertained the crowd. Nuns and priests held prayer vigils.
As the days passed, more and more army personnel and leaders defected to the opposition. There were many attacks towards the civillians, but at no point did they fight back with violence. Nuns kneeled and formed a human barricade in front of a tank holding their rosaries and praying.
Bayan Ko (My Homeland) a patriotic anthem of the opposition was sung over and over again. The LABAN (fight) “L” sign, formed with the thumb and index finger, was flashed all throughout the crowds.
Marcos released a statement saying that he would not step down, even after false reports that he had left the palace.

Tuesday, February 25 two inaugurations took place.
Cory Aquino took her oath in Club Filipino, in a small simple ceremony. While she was sworn in, thousands maybe even millions of people lined the streets cheering with Enrile and other politicians at the front of the crowd. Most of the people sang Bayan Ko and the Philippine National Anthem and dressed in yellow, Aquino’s color.
Marcos took his oath on the balcony of Malacañang. Loyalists still arrived and screamed “Marcos, Marcos, Marcos pa rin!” However after the inauguration, the Marcos family and cronies left the Palace.

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