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Active vs. Passive Abuse

Many people do not realize it, but abuse does not necessarily mean hitting. For animals, abuse comes in the form of actual hitting, known as active abuse, and also in the form of neglect, known as passive abuse.


Active Abuse

Active abuse can be hitting, slapping, kicking, or phsyically doing other harm to an animal. It can have malicious intent, and is considered a non-accidental injury (NAI). Oftentimes people can find a link between battering pets or other animals, and battering women and children, or having psychological problems.


Passive Abuse

Passive abuses are types of neglect such as:



What can you do to help?

Many celebrities are outspoken advocate for animals.  Notably, Bob Barker formally from the Price is Right always signed off by reminding viewers to  spay and neuter their pets and successfully stopped the practice of giving fur coats or pets as prizes.  Mary Tyler Moore has strongly advocated for dogs and founded Broadway Barks, an annual adopt–a-thon for dogs in New York City, Willie Nelson supports the protection of horses and is actively working for the passage of the American Horse Slaughter Protection Act and Sarah McLaghlan is the spokesperson for the ASPCA. (http://www.biography.com/animalographies/animal-advocates.jsp)
You do not need to be a celebrity to aid in this cause.  As an ordinary citizen you too can help protect animals.