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Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

There are two types of animal activists.  One is an animal rights activist, and the other is an animal welfare activist.  The differences between the two are numerous, but the underlying theme is the same - to stop and prevent animal cruelty. 

Animal rights activists are then categorized into two subdivisions. One is the utilitarian approach and the other is the rights-based approach. With the utilitarian approach, the ethical belief of right and wrong are based on the consequences of the act, whereas with the rights based approach, judge the actual act as something that is right or wrong. Animal rights activists are those who believe that animals should be treated equally to humans, and should not be harmed in any way. This includes not using them for food. Most animal rights activists therefore are Vegan.

Animal welfare activists also believe in not doing harm to an animal. However, the difference is that animal welfare activists are okay with using animals for food,as long as they were not mistreated and did not suffer during their lifetime and during their death.

Many celebrities are either animal rights or animal welfare activists. Some include:


A typical commercial by Sarah McLachlan in support of the BCSPCA



Leona Lewis talks about the WSPA