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SHELD (http://www.sheld.org/) Board Meeting

4th Thursday of the Month

6:00 pm at the Town Hall (rear entance on left)


Beacon Integrated Solutions - Beth Greenblatt energy advise to town of S. Hadley

Climate Change Resiliency & Preparedness

Emergency Planning

Free Energy Audits in South Hadley - SHELD Home Energy Audit call 888-333-7525 (not a Columbia Gas customer). For Columbia Gas customers call 866-527-7283 or go to Mass Save

Green Comunities Map and Past Grants - MassEnergyInsight

Holyoke Gas and Electric on Solar

MA Rules for MLP Towns

MA Climate Action Now MLP Evaluation - More

Number of SHELD ratepayers as of 9/16 was 8,600


Renweable Energy Options - 2011 Study

Renewable Energy Trust Programs - South Hadley has Not joined the RET

SHELD Cost per KWH of Power for SHELD in 2014-2018

Sheld Residential Rates - 14 cents/kwh

SHELD meeting videos - Archives

SHELD NET METERING POLICY - NM is the amount credited to a PV owners bill for electricity not used in house during a month. Amended 7/2018 so only the fluctuating generation charge is credited to bill (about 5 1/2 cents no longer about 14 1/2 cents)

SHELD Rebates - as of 2020 EVs and Chargers - (pg. bottom) Energy Audit Thermostats Appliances Mini Split Heat Pump - Solar PV S. Hadley Solar MLP - Application Form - Details

SMART Program for MUNIs (MLPs)

Solar PV Installs in South Hadley

South Hadley Construction Permits

South Hadley Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program Listening Session

South Hadley Falls Development

South Hadley Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

South Hadley Future Agendas - Selectboard - SHELD

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South Hadley Sustaimability and Energy Commission 

South Hadley Zoning on Solar - 2018 solar Bylaw Draft - Bylaw - Bylaw SH Site

South Hadley Annual Report

Trast Day Schedule - Burning Trash

SHELD Contacts

Manager Sean Fitzgerald - sfitgerald@sheld.org


Greg Dubreuil - Chair - gdubreuil@oconnells.com

Anne Awad - aawad@sheld.org

John Hine - jhine@southhadleyma.gov

Peter Mcavoy - pmcavoy@comcast.net

Kurt Schenker - kschenker@sheld.org

Mount Holyoke College Solar Campaign - student run in 2012

MHC - Miller Worley Center for the Environment

MHC - on campus action

MHC - Sustainability at a Glance - Olivia Aguilar - More O.A.

Glossary of Terms

Mass Solar Loan Program as of 2016

There has been much talk that only the rich can afford photovoltaic solar upfront costs. That is changing. The Mass Solar Loan Program will funnel 30 million dollars in state funds for solar installs via local banks and credit unions to lower interest rates. South Hadley residents are eligible for these loans. The loan money will buy down the bank interest rate by 3%. Customer rates have been as low as 1.25% for those with good credit from good lenders. As I found in 2008 it is always good to look carefully at several banks.  A list of preapproved installers and financial institutions with a description of procedures is available at: www.MassSolarLoan.com. Below are some of the important points from the site.

The new Mass Solar Loan Program is designed to make solar PV more affordable. It is administered through local banks. If you earn less than $66,866 annually the program will pay 30 percent of your loan. If you earn less than $80,240 annually the program will pay 20 percent of your loan. These numbers were for 2008 and will change. The federal tax credit is 30 percent for the next five years. Massachusetts has a one time 15 percent tax credit up to $1,000.

Here is a concrete example. Lets say you earn less than $66,866 annually. The Solar Store of Greenfield installed an additional 2kw PV system for $9,000 on my house two years ago. The loan program would pay for 30% or about $3,000, the IRS tax credit is 30% or roughly $3,000 and the Mass tax credit is $1,000. That brings the cost to $2,000!

Installers can give you a better idea of these amounts and look at your roof’s sun situation. Get three estimates. It is a free education.

The Mass Solar Loan Program includes three incentives to help Massachusetts residents go solar. While terms may vary, lenders will offer 10-year fixed-rate loans between $3,000 and $35,000.

Interest Rate Buy Down

The Mass Solar Loan program reduces the annual interest rate paid by solar system owners by 3 percent below the typical rate charged by participating lenders. This Interest Rate Buy Down is available to all solar system owners regardless of income.

Mass Solar Loan Program Manual

There are now five things which make PV solar a money and life saving idea. They are: the 30% federal tax credit, the 20-30% loan repayment from the Mass solar loan program for folks with incomes less than $80,240 and $66,866, the SREC payment (mine was $2,177 last year for a 5KW system last year), the end, or nearly so, of an electric bill and, most important, the step toward ending the Climate Change spiral. They are always changing.