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Western MASS (offices only in MA and with a street address) - BUY LOCAL

All Energy Solar - 159 Front St, Chicopee, MA 01013 (800) 620-3370

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services - 46 Howland Ave Adams, MA 01220 413-743-0152

Northeast Solar - 136 Elm Street Hatfield, MA 01038 Phone 413-247-6045

Solar Store of Greenfield - 2 Fiske Ave. Greenfield, MA 01301 Phone: (413) 772-3122

Valley Solar - 340 Riverside Dr. Northampton MA 01060 413 923-6200



On the I Pad you can remove extraneous adds and site info. On the left side of the URL (line of the site you are at) is a "aA." If you click on it a drop down box appears with the first option "show reader view." Click that and only the text and most illustrations appear.

Agrivoltaics See Farms

Africa - More

Airport Sites - More

Alexi Arango's Potwine House Blog

American Clean Power Assoc.

American Council for an Eneergy-Efficient Economy - acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies

American Solar Energy Society - publish the award-winning SOLAR TODAY magazine

American Wind Energy Association - wind power in Your Area

Battery - See Storage below

Bifacial PV

Boats see Climate Change

Build it Solar -for do it yourselfers

Building Walls with PV

Calculator for PV

Canals PV Over

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Center for Ecological Technology - no-cost home energy assessments and used house parts store

Center for Strategic & International Studies - Energy & Sustainability

Clean Energy Collective - PV at another location WEMCO & National Grid only

Clean Energy Center - Distributes many MA programs -Announcements - All Programs

Clean EnergyStandard

Clean Energy Tech Cr. - NCSU

Clean Technica - focus is solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, and clean transport

Cleaning Panels - see Solar Panels - More

Cooling Panels - More - More - More - Plants - Roof

Co-op Power - barn raising solar hot water installs, many types of PV and group buying

Co-op Power - Low income Solar - Co-op for PV Installs

Community Solar Arcadia Power - Buy Power from their array (not for Munies)

Community Solar - More - More - NY

Community Solar Guide - shared solar PV

Community PV in Holyoke

Community PV - Nat. Grid

Community PV in MA

Community Shared Solar - Mass Gov Doc

Community PV and Utilities

Compare Prices on Solar - EnergySage - Drop 2021

Corperation Use - Target

Cost of Solar - in MA as of 2020 - Cheapest - More

Department of Energy - Buying green electricity

Department of Energy - Solar energy

Diversity see Racism

DOER (MASS) Webinars - archives of past Webinars back to 2016

DSIRE - source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives

Education on Energy - NREL

Electricity Markets and Policy Group

Energysage - Compares Quotes

Energy Gov. - Webinars

Energy Monitors - Map

Energy News - Northeast

Energy Policy Institute - University of Chicago - Very Good

EnergySave Quotes

Energy Star Portfolio Manager - Energy Measurement &Tracking Com. Buildings

Energy Star Info. - good incentives at tax_credits

Energy Storage Association

office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy - US Gov.

Energy Wire - News

Enphase Inverters - Community

Eversource Co.

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - Mass Gov.

Farms and Solar Agrivoltaics - local More - More - More - More - More - More - More - More - More - Solar on Greenhouses - More - More - More - More - More - Cost - Orchard - More - More - Bees - More - More - More - Money - MA - More - CO - More

Farming in Germany also in Minneapolis Scientific American 


Firemen and PV

Floating PV

Freeingthe Grid - Net Meetering

Generation 180 - Info. and advocacy

Glossary of Solar Terms - Kilowatts & More

Google Project Sunroof - Solar Roof Calculator mot in all locations

Grants in Mass.

Green Energy Consumers Alliance - MA All types of Energy Clean EnergyStandard

Grid Adapting to Solar - More - More

Grid and Solar Parity

Grid Alternatives - Community Installs & Training

Ground Mounted PV - CEC & DOER

Hampshire Council

Home Power Magazine - great on all energy topics

Home Energy efficiency - How to DIY

How to install a solar attic fan

How Much Electricity do Appliances Use

How Much Electricity do Appliances Use

How Much Electricity do Appliances Use

Human Energy Powers Gym

Hydrogen - More - More - More - More - Transport - More - More - More - More - Green

Hydrogen for the Home - More - More - More - Home - Home - Home - Cooking

Incentives - See Also Net Metering

Incentives - How and What - More - by State 2021

Incentives in Massachusetts - For Mass MLPs - More

Induction cooking Pros and Cons - Consumer Reports

International Energy Agency

International Renewable Energy Agency 

Inverters - micro vs string or central - Longevity

IRS on solar and taxes - Forms - in english

ISO-New England - Power Distribution - on PV Peak Shaving - Charts

Jobs Clean Energy - EERE

Jobs Solar

Jobs for Women in Wind

Landfills and Solar

Land for PV - Ramez Naam

Land for PV - NREL National RenewableEnergy Laboratory (Gov.)

Land for PV - NREL later

Land for PV - Solar Industries Association

Land for PV to Power Cities

Land for PV - Energy Manager Today 2.8 acres for 1GWh

Land Leasing Guide for Solar


Lets Go Solar - Good Information on the whole process

Light Solar Powered - for home use

Loans see Mass Solar Loan Program below - UMass FIve Bank Rates 2021

Low income

Luci - Solar Lights - for home use

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center - Distuibutes MA stare money for solar & other projects Announcements - All Programs

Mass Comprehensive Energy Plan 2019 More

Mass. Energy and Environmental Affairs

Mass. Energy Efficiency Advisory Council

Mass Energy Consumers Alliance -

Mass. Interfaith Power and Light - Renewable energy for churchs

Mass Gov. Energy Smarts - see list on right

Mass Municipal Wholesale Electric Company - Organization of Municipal Utilities

Mass Residential Guide to Solar Power - CEC

Mass. solar Loan Program - Discontinued - Mass Solar Loan Program Manual

Mass Solar - genersl info

MIT Research

Microgrid Knowledge

Municipal Light Plant Solar Rebate Program

MUNIs List & Info- municipal electric utilities - MLPs & PPAs

National Grid

National Renewable Energy Laboratory on solar

Natural Resources Defence Council

Net Metering and PPA from MA DOER for state entities

Net Metering - Defined NREL - Basics - More - More 2021

Net Metering Debate - More - More - More - More

Net Meetering in S. Hadley

Net Metering - in Mass from More - More - ISO - Eversource

Net Metering - Virtual - a way to buy green power remotely - In CA - More

Net Zero Project Guide - with good links - Problems

Net Zero House by Alexi Arango

Net Zero House - Spartan

Net Zero House - Making an Old House Net Zero

NESEA - NE Suatainable Energy

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships 

Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition

NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Gov)

NREL - PV Watts calculator

Nuclear Power and Renewables - More

Nuclear - New Smaller Plants - First Safety Approval - Traveling Wave - Bill Gates


Passive Solar House - see on CC page- Alexi Arango's Potwine House Blog

Passive House Inst. - More

Perovskite Solar Cells - More

Photovoltaics (PV) see Solar

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission


Power Purchase Agreements - for state agencies, public colleges and universities

Power Scout - Ma money saving program for solar installs

Project Sun Roof - planning for PV

Racism - More - NY

Rare Earth Elements from Mine Waste

Rates for Electricity by State

Real Estate Values

Rebates and Tax Incentives in Mass.

Recycling PV Panels - 2020 Update - More - Battreies - Gov. - More - More - More - More - Reuse - More - More - More - Repair - More 2021

Renewable Portfolio Standard - Wickipedia - in Mass - Mass 79 Pages

Renewable Transition 2019 - Good Charts

Resource Library - City Energy

Rocky Mt. Inst. - advances market-based solutions, engaging businesses, communities, and institutions

Rooftop - Damage

Safety - Fire

Sara Ross - zero energy house

Schools - More

SHELD Net Metering Policy

SHELD Videos of Meetings

Social Justice see Racism

Solar Array Placement - Where to put it .6 of land to be used for PV

Solar BASICS - Myths - Starting

Solar Electric Power Assoc.

Solar Energy International

Solar Energy Industries Assoc. - Solar statitics for MA also Community Solar

Solar for All

Solar for Kenyan Villages 

Solar for off the grid World

Solar in Mass - estimates

Solarfest - Vt festival in July

Solar and Housing Values


Solar Mandates - Mass

Solar in Mass. - Good general info. - Benefits

Solarize Mass Program - Eligibality

Solar Mass.

Solar Mass Renewable Target - SMART Program as os 1/1/18

Solar Panels Best in 21

Solar Panels Cleaning - Yes or No -Longevity - Looks

Solar Panels Facing West? - More

Solar Panels Optimum Tilt - Calculator in AU - Hail Damage - More

Solar in Power Failure - Longevity

Solar Power World - a journal

Solar Rebates for Mass.

Solar Rights and Easments in Mass.

Solar Roadways and In Other Countries - More

Solar Saves Everyong Money - BU - Cost

Solar Today Magazine

Solar United Neighbors

Solar Value - to Owner and Community

Solar on Vehicles - More

South Hadley - Renewable Energy Options - 2011 Study

Storage - Air Flow Batterry

Storage - Aquion Energy

Storage for Residential PV - More - Time of Use - vs Grid - Best - Tesla - With PV - Behind Meter - Prep.

Storage - Tesla

Storage Initiative - MA Gov

Storage -Types of - Flooded vs AGM - Gravity - Flow - Gravity - Nissan - More

Storage - Utility Scale

Subsidies for Solar - WSJ

Tax Credits (Federal) - Tips

Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company - Municipal light plant group

Tax Credits - for renewable energy 1/1/18 For Storage 1/1/2020

Trackers - Solar - More

Terra Power - next gen atomic energy


Trees and Solar

Understand Solar - on Cost

U. S. Dept. of Energy - general info and gov. policy

U.S. Energy Information Administration - Stats and info on All types of Energy

U. S. Green Building Council - Info on Leeds green home building

Vehicle to Grid (House)

Vote Solar - General solar advocacy

Webinars from MA state - All things energy saving

Wilslife and PV

Zoning for Solar - MA Court



Affordable Solar - Did well by me

Alte Store

Enphase - individual panel inverters Micro Inverters

Stiebel-Eltron - hot water systems

Wholesale Solar - see advantage of buying in bulk

Windows - Intus - PV in

More Links many Companies