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Climate Change (CC = Climate Change)


Activist - Climate 5 steps - TED - Personal Veiw

Adapting to Claimate Change - More - More - More - More

Airplaines NOVA PBS

Al Gore - optimistic on Climate Change (mostly) - Gore -2016 Graphics Hopeful - 2017 - Gore 2020 Urgent - Harvard - With John Kerry

Bathtub - Stocks and Flows

Batteries - Flooded vs AGM - EV - Gravity

Behavioral Science Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Bhutan - Fights Climate Change

Bill Gates on Technology - More

Bill Moyers series on climate change

Biomimicry - Janine Benyus -More -More -More - Ask Nature

Bronowski Jacob - Tragedy of mankind

Burial Green - Ted

Business and CC - Ted - Green Tech Business - Investment

Cap and Trade, Story of - Negative but EU Used It Since 05

Capitalism and CC

Carbon Dioxde Removal - Capture - More - Emittions

Carbon Capture

Change - How to with Jacqueline Novogratz

Children Speak Out -See Greta Below

Cities - Future - Transportation - More

Cities - Shareable future

Climate - the State of and What We Can Do

Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL)

Climate Action Simulator EN-ROADS

Climate Change a Solution where all sides can win - Conservative Ted Halstead

Climate Change Adaption - More - TED -Mitication NOVA

Climate Change - Cities - General

Climate Change - How to Stop it - What Can I Do - Solutions from Slums

Climate Change - Katherine Hayhoe (sse below) how to talk about it - More Short Version - Apocalypse Fatigue

Climate Change - How the Military fights it

Climate Change - complexity of Paterns with great illistrations - More - 2021

Climate Interactive - Demonstration of Simulation Software on CC

Climate Justice - Jacqueline Novogratz - More - More - Threat to Human Rights

Climate Litigation

Climate Migration

Climate Restoration

Clothes Dryer Heat Pump

Clouds - Buy Us Time

Clouds and Climate Change

Cloud of Ash Into the Atmosphere

CO2 Removal from the Air More

Commons - tragedy of

Community Solar - More

Concrete - More - More

COP 26

Costa Rica

Cost of stop CC

Countdown - TED - 82 Leaders speak on CC

Crying Indian - From Keep America Beautiful

Desert and Reverse Climate Change - Great TED Talk by Allan Savory

Dirt the Movie 

Drawdown - A Plan to Reverse Global Warming - Paul Hawken - More - More - More - More

Drive an EV - EV 101

Economy - More

Eco Sense - TV show

Edible Landscapes - GB

Charging an EV

Farms - Fish

Fire Drill Friday -Jane Fonda

Fires Forrest - More

Flood Control Netherlands


Food Waste - PBS Series

Forest- More

Fosil Fuel Companies Knew about CC - More

Four Environmental "Heresies"


Geoengineering - More - More

Geothermaal - More - More

Global Problem Solving

Greta Thunberg - fifteen year old green advocate More - Severn Cullis-Suzuki - Xiye Bastida - Byden - More - More


Green New Deal

Hayhoe see Katherine

Heat Pumps - More

Here Is How We Adapt - Money

Hope - More


Ice Melt Slow Motion Films - TED



Jane Goodall - TED

Jobs - A Clean Energy Proposal - TED

Katherine Hayhoe - How to Talkabout CC - More - Adapt/Mitigate/Suffer - Church - What CC is if Real

Less Stuff More Happyness

Lets Make a Deal - Politics of Climate Change

The Earth is Full

MA Transportation & Climate Initiative: Clean Transportation - Very good explaination

Mayors - on CC - TED

Mental Health and Clinate Change


Military and Climate Change - Ted

Money and CC

Naomi Klein: Addicted to reckless risk

National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine

Net Zero Homes - Older Home - More - General

Nova - Making Stuff: Cleaner

Oceans and Microbes


Passive House

Pewril and Promise - PBS series - More

Plants and Climate Change - More

Plastic Wars - PBS

Plastic Recycled to Hydrogen - How to Reuse

Polar Vortex Explained - How climate change causes it

Population - How will we survive when the population hits 10 billion?

Population Growth

Poverty and Climate Change - TED

Profit and Salvation in Greentech - TED

PV in the US Jonathan-Scotts-power-trip - How it Works

Quotes on PV

Racism - Justice - More - More - More

Recycle & Reuse - Recycling Plastic

Recycle Styrafoam - Done by Kids

Rebuilding After Disasters

Recession and Climate Change

Regenerative Agriculture


Science of CC

Represent Us - the State of US Politics Website

School Bus Electric - see also EV

Social Justice See Climate Justice and Racism in Climate Change Links

Solutions to CC 17 Classes

Sustainabile Future - TED

The Story of Stuff

Talk About Climate Change - How To Katherine Hayhoe - More - More -Espen Stoknes - More - Kids - More - More

Train in the Market

The Tradedy of Mankind - Jacob Bronowski


Water - Filtration TED - Security - More - Drought


Window Replacement - notworth the cost

Ten Best Videos on Climate Change

Thunberg see Greta

Whitehouse, Sheldon US Senator- Money and CC - Oceans - Carbon

Women and Girls can help stop Climate Change

Zoning Green



Cars - How Electric Cars Work

Charging Comparison

Electric Cars -  a Histroy - Myths - Very Good - Current State of EV 2019

EV Charging as of 2020

Transportation - TCI Infrastructure - Used EVs

Volt Chevy - Tips - Air Filter - Engine Filter - Volt Killid

Solar PV and Electricity


Batteries - The Missimg Link to Renewables: Donald Sadoway on TED

Batteries and Solar - a Muni Town's Storage System

Cooling Without Energy - TED

Coata Rica Solar Story - All Electricity from Renewables

Nova - on the Grid

Grid Freeing Energy from the Grid - TED

the Grid Reimagined

Links to Future of Energy - PBS

Nova - Saved by the Sun

Nova - Search For The Super Battery

Nuclear Power - TED - Michael Shellenberger

Nuclear Power - TED - David MacKay

Nuclear Power - TED - Salim Zwein

Nuclear Power - TED - Sunniva Rose

Nuclear Power - TED - Thomas Jam Pedersen

Nuclear Power to Solve Climate Change - TED

Nuiclear Power Debate

Schools & PV

Solar Energy - for Off Grid Populations Africa

Solar PV History

Solar Instalation - Mistakes

Solar Roadways

Sun Tracking PV - Bill Gross

The Truth About Solar

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Women in PV - More


Emergency Planning