REU 12: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Group
Co-advisors: Audrey Lee-St.John and Jessica Sidman

The REU Mini-Symposium.

Student researchers:

David Breese, Pomona College
Christopher Clement, University of Michigan
James Farre, University of Texas, Austin
Laura Gioco, Fairfield Unversity
Linnea LaMon, Carnegie Mellon University

At the end of the summer students presented in the Mount Holyoke REU Mini-Symposium along with students from REUs at Williams College and the University of Connecticut.

Hyperbananas: A Family of Flexible Frameworks. Christopher Clementt
Finding Special Embeddings of Bar-and-Body Frameworks, James Farre
Edge-Disjoint Spanning Trees and Inductive Constructions, Laura Gioco
2D Body-and-cad Rigidity, Linnea LaMon

This REU group was funded by NSF grant DMS-0849637.