Jessica Sidman
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Summer 2005 REU
Polytopes and toric varieties group

photo (of both groups) courtesy of Adrienne Rau
Student researchers:

Lisa Byrne, St. Mary's College of Maryland

    Polytopes, toric varieties, and ideals  (paper)
    Polytopes, toric varieties, and ideals: A look at pyramids, prisms, and products (slides)

Sarah Gilles, St. Olaf College

    Selfatopes and their properties (paper)
    Selfatopes and their properties: A look into polytopes (slides)

Vince Lyzinski, University of Notre Dame

    Selfagons in the plane (paper)
    The impossible selfagons: Selfatopes in the plane (slides)

Aaron Wolbach, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    Selfatopes and Their Inner Normal Fans (thesis)
    The polytopes and toric varieties REU group (slides)

Frances Worek, Penn State

    Algorithms for even-sided selfagons (paper)
    Algorithms for constructing even-sided selfagons (slides)

This work was produced under NSF grant number DMS-0353700.  We would also like to acknowledge the software packages that served as important learning and experimental tools: