REU 09: Algebraic Geometry Group

Goals for the first week: Here are some links to things you might want to be reading: Here is a document describing how you might want to deal with file storage.

Here is a LaTex template file that you might want to use as you are getting started writing up your thoughts and examples. If you have your own computer, you may download LaTex yourself. If you have a PC running Windows, you can download LEd. You also need to install MikTex. Those of you with Macs running OS X can download MacTex. MacTex is TexShop plus TexLive, and it is all you need to install to get started in one step.
Goals for the second week: Some Macaulay 2 code that you might find useful:
Goals for the third week: Here is a beamer presentation that you can download. What you are downloading is a directory containing all of the source images and LaTex files for a talk. To unpack it (on a mac or in Linux), download the file to a directory. Inside the directory containing the file ima.tar.gz, type

gunzip ima.tar.gz

to unzip it and then

tar -xf ima.tar

to unpack it. This creates a directory called "ima". The files that you want to look at will be there. <
Plan for week four: Looking ahead: You've all learned a lot of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. As you think about the second half of the REU, I think that a reasonable goal is that you pick a specific question and then really analyze it in the context of a concrete famiily of examples. You should be thinking of creating a talk/poster/paper that sets the stage for your question, describes your family of examples, and then states all conjectures and proofs. As you get to know your example well, you may start to gain intuition for the general picture.

For now, focus on your examples, and please do keep me in the loop! You will probably be dancing back and forth between what is known and what is not, and I can help to let you know which side you're likely to be on at any given point in time.
Plan for week six: