REU 09: Algebraic Geometry Group

The algebraic geometry and number theory groups together.

Student researchers:

Ian Barnett, Stanford Unversity
Greg Burnham, Princeton Unversity
Rachel Cranfill, Harvey Mudd College
Jessica Glover, University of California, Santa Cruz
Zvi Rosen, Unveristy of Pennsylvania

Here is a link to our working schedule.


Random embeddings of stick models in Macaulay 2. Ian Barnett
Unmixed edge ideals and the Cohen-Macaulay condition, Greg Burnham
Edge ideals of chordal graphs and generic initial ideals, Rachel Cranfill
Edge ideals and secant ideals of shared-vertex graphs, Zvi Rosen

Embeddings of stick models. Ian Barnett
Unmixed edge ideals, Greg Burnham
Secants of edge ideals and their Betti diagrams, Rachel Cranfill
Combinatorial methods for finding the kernel of an ideal, Rachel Cranfill and Jessica Glover
This REU group was funded by NSF grant DMS-0849637.