The Under-represented Tribe (The Igorots)

Purpose of this Website

This website was made particularly for my World Politics class taught by Professor Vinnie Ferraro. It aims to give tribute to the under-represented tribe, The Igorots by expressing the political, cultural, and social issues surrounding them. It also aims to preserve their culture and traditions through the provision of various exotic cuisine, the explanation of unique pieces of clothing as well as the celebration of dance.

Who are the Igorots?

The Igorots are a very distinct group of people, a tribe who originate from the Northern provinces of the Philippine archipelago. The word, Igorot in Tagalog means mountain people. For a long time now, this term has been tacitly used in a derogatory sense. It signifies that the Igorots were a backward tribe who couldn't contribute any technological innovations to society (Fallon).

So what?

These natives are important because they comprise a part of the rich Filipino culture. This site aims to preserve the culture of this tribe through the amalgamation of key information such as the Igorot culture, cuisine, dance, and even the latest social and political issues that have wider implications to the Philippine society. Through this website, I hope to spread awareness on social, political and economic issues. One key issue being brought up is the displacement of these people. As huge Philippine corporations begin to reclaim lands, the Igorots are left displaced.

The Igorots originate from six key areas:

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What are the distinctive features of the Igorots?

The Igorots are tied together by a similar set of cultural practices and beliefs. They highly value nature and they believe that their gods reside in objects such as "trees and in the mountains" (Jernegan,42). Another distinguishing feature of the Igorot tribe from Northern Luzon are their vibrant pieces of clothing. Their headpieces are composed of feathers and they often take with them ornate pieces of wooden weaponry.

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Quotidian Life

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