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  Assembly centers: temporary incarceration camps that imprisoned Japanese Americans who had been forcibly removed from the West Coast in the early months of World War II. By mid-1942, Japanese Americans were transferred to more permanent "relocation centers," also known as concentration camps. The terms "temporary incarceration camps" or "temporary prison camps" better convey the nature of these facilities. Densho's policy, however, is to still use the term "assembly center" as part of a proper noun, e.g. "Puyallup Assembly Center," and in quotation marks: "assembly center" when referring to the facilities. The reason for this is to avoid confusion, since many people would not associate "temporary incarceration camps" with "assembly centers."

Concentration camps: euphemistically called "relocation centers" by the War Relocation Authority (WRA), the concentration camps were hastily constructed facilities that housed Japanese Americans who had been forcibly removed from their homes and businesses on the West Coast during World War II. This term was also used to refer to the Justice Department internment camps where enemy aliens were detained.

  Executive Order 9066: this order, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, authorized the War Department to prescribe military areas from which "any and all persons may be excluded." This provided the basis for the exclusion and mass incarceration (or "internment") of all Japanese Americans from the West Coast.
  Incarceration: the state of being in prison, or being confined.
  Inu- Japanese word for dog
  Isei- first generation Japanese born in Japan
  JACL- Japanese Americans Citizens League
  Nisei- Second generation Japanese not born in Japan
  "No-no boy": a term that refers to Japanese Americans (both male and female) who refused to answer the "loyalty questions" or answered in the negative. Many were unfairly stigmatized as being "disloyal" to the United States and were segregated to the Tule Lake camp.
  Sansei- Third generation of Japanese children of Nisei