Halogen light Spectrum, the Fluorescent Spectrum

In this experiment, I am comparing the wave spectrums of the Fluorescent light and the halogen light. They are known for their brightness, especially the halogen lights which would work well for kitchens and the fluorescent lights which work well for decorative lighting! This is due to the unique properties that these lights tend to have higher intensities on one particular type of light, or around some particular wavelength, and little intensity ate the rest of the light spectrum.

Halogen spectrum…

The halogen spectrum shows that there is more intensity at around 650nm to about 950 nm. This shows that there is more concentration of red light, whose wavelength is about 656.28 nm.

The fluorescent spectrum…

The fluorescent light spectrum…shows the there is high intensity at around 480 nm to about 570 nm. Most of the other lines are the result of being able to couple the beam well into the spectrometer as well as the effect of other background lighting sources and hence most of the other very high intensities seen at such wavelengths are discarded in this experiment.

Thus, from the spectrum, we are able to see that the fluorescent light has more blue light, or that the type of light with the highest intensity, and hence highest amplitude, is the blue light. This is why Fluorescent lights are mixed with other types of lights to produce a light that is closer to sunlight.